Wednesday, June 01, 2011

No love in the elevator

I have been trying to post for 2 hours. I've lost 3 posts. Why are they trying to keep us apart, Internet? Let's try something simple. A guy on the elevator just asked me how my day was going, and told him I was really busy cuz I just got back from a few days off, and I feel like the first day back should be easy. As soon as I didn't just say "Fine", he looked super annoyed that he asked. Then I was super annoyed because what kind of question is "How is your day going so far?" That's not something you ask a stranger if you just want them to say "Fine." That question is too fancy and demands an answer. Just ask me, "How are you?" So we can pretend we're having a conversation we we're really just passing time.

I hate elevators.
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Natalie said...

I agree. His question prompted a complex answer.

Fizzgig said...

this is a good reason to take the stairs! i find, most people are too tired/winded to chit chat!

that's a little gift from me to you!

Kane said...

Perhaps he was just a tee bit shy =)