Monday, August 09, 2010

How can it be over already?

You guys, I'm so sad another Krusty's has come and gone. It was, as usual, glorious. I need more time to write about it mostly because I spent my day today being hungover, doing lots of chores and napping. You know what's not a good idea to do at noon on the day after drinking for 12 hours? Wash your car for 2 hours in 85 degree weather. That was a bad choice of post-Krusty's activity. But I did spend the day in my D.A.R.E. t-shirt, and I totally resisted drugs and violence.

So more on that tomorrow, I swear. In the meantime, please enjoy my top 3 favorite text messages that I have received in the past couple weeks:

From Steph: "Are P Diddy and Puff Daddy the same person?" [ed. note: What's up, 10 years ago]

From Mike: "Let's hope for a penis up tuck" [ed. note: Don't even know what this one means... but yes. Just yes.]

From Meg who is in Tampa for work: "I just checked into my hotel in Tampa. There's a fetish convention going on at the hotel this week. I was greeted by two girls in fishnets, thong and bra. One holding a chihuahua and the other holding a whip." [ed. note: Amazing. Now Meg will blend in while wearing her work clothes.] [ed. note on my ed. note: I'm kidding. Meg has a normal job with normal clothes. She is not a whore for a living. I'm sure everyone thought I was being serious so it's a good thing I'm taking 10 minutes to explain that I don't hang out with hookers.]

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