Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hack this!

I'm sure there was a huge panic on the interweb today when 3 of you came to this blog and were met with a "this blog has been removed" message.  I was hacked, y'all.  (I'm using y'all because I'm currently listening to a Kenny Chesney song.)  Dinner was definitely not purchased for me before this violation took place which is some serious bullshit.  But don't worry-I'm still here...not updating regularly. 

Some things we need to talk about:

1.  So I don't particularly miss having my mind fucked every week by "Lost", but I do miss doing my recaps.  And I miss Matthew Fox on my tv with a stubbly beard.  There are still some good shows on, but not like that one, right?  I think "The Event" is testing me to see just how little I can care about characters in a TV show.  I had to let that one go as I realized a couple weeks ago in the middle of an episode, 'Hey you know what?  I just really don't give a shit.'  I am still loving "Hawaii Five-0".  I think this is for several reasons:  1) It's a procedural drama on CBS-the old people's network, and I am old now, 2) I like cop shows, 3) Just...he's so hot.  Alex O'Loughlin is seriously just so so hot.  And I love "Cougar Town", "Modern Family" and "Community".  They're all so effing hysterical.  Seriously I will marry Troy on "Community".  He is perfect every single week.

2.  Ryan Reynold and Scarlett Johansson, right??  In my mind they never really made sense which is an intelligent and kind thing to say seeing as I don't know either of them at all.  But I mean I will still sit here and judge them from my recliner while eating York Peppermint Patties.  Anyway, she seems blah.  He seems perfect in every single way imaginable.  So...inevitable?

3.  Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron!!  This is SHOCKING!  Also, kids, what are you doing breaking up at the same time as Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson?  You need better timing if you want to be on the cover of a magazine.

4.  Tell me you guys are watching "The Sing Off".  Because it is amazing.  I was obsessed with it last season, and I am so happy it's back.  Fellow viewers, the old timers should not be on this show, right?  Jerry whatever his name is?  He's like an actual Motown singer.  How is this fair that now he gets to be on an amateur competition?  The judges never say anything bad to him because he's like some legend or something.  Whatever!  Get an actual record deal and let some younger kids just starting out win this!  Also the full group version of "Use Somebody" last week was so good I almost peed.  Who's with me?  I can't stop talking about it.

5.  Tonight we went to see Straight No Chaser in concert.  If you ever get the chance to see them, do it.  They are so talented and really funny and entertaining.  Plus guys who can sing are hot.  Oh also if you have the chance, start drinking vodka at 3:30pm and then continue to drink vodka and wine until the concert starts.  Because that's what I did, and now I have same day hangover (SDH).  SDH doesn't feel good, but that's somewhat offsetted by the fact that, deep inside, I know it's really funny.



Anonymous said...

No, they should not be on the show. I don't get the rules. Can Boyz to Men compete next season? And yeah, they are getting no criticism whatsoever. They will obviously be a finalist, after that I think the home viewer will turn on them. I love Street Corner Symphony. I hate the "jazzy" group that ben folds can't get enough. The girl singer is like a Kristin Wiig lounge singer character. I am just realizing that I missed the show last night (I had to catch up on Dexter so I can cancel Showtime) and have no idea who moved on. Do you know??


Anonymous said...

I was seriously worried when I clicked on your blog and it said it had been removed. And a little sad. Glad that is not the case.

Also, I will admit to doing an inner cheer when I clicked on the link re: ScoJo and Ryan Reynolds. I can't stand her, and always thought he was too good for her. She's an attractive girl but a terrible actress and her voice annoys me no end. Plus, I always thought it was so cool that even after Reynolds became popular and a mainstream actor, he still dated someone as offbeat as Alanis. It was like the nerdy guy in high school who becomes a millionare and then marries the bitchy head cheerleader instead of the nerdy brunette art class chick.

thb said...

OMG! Ok, I agree. I don't know Scarlett or Ryan personally. BUT- I was so confused on why they were married. It didn't make sense to me. I'm sure she is a nice girl & she isn't REALLY ugly or anything. But, RYAN REYNOLDS!!! AYFKM!?!?! How did she get him? He is the perfect guy. (again-I don't know him, really) It's weird though, I liked the fact that he was with a simple looking girl. It gave me hope. Now that he is single, he could be with anyone! And I'm not sure I like that. You know, bc I always run into him and even have the slightest chance.

Jennifer said...

I got freaked out yesterday! Now you're back! Christmas miracle!

Jen in Berea, Oh

Ivori said...

I also panicked and was already going through annual Krusty's recap withdrawals =)

More of a Festivus Miracle!

Fizzgig said...

I really wanted to love the event. but i gave it up a long time ago.

there is no new lost.

I had a thing for the walking dead but there was only like 6 episodes.

and, there isnt much to figure out about zombies.

sarahsays said...

All I have to say is that Santa Claus does exist - for all the reasons you listed above. :)