Friday, December 10, 2010

Okay Seriously's Gift Guide

A lot of you are regular readers of my dear friend, Johnny Virgil.  If you are, you know he's absolutely hilarious and a very talented writer.  When I say he's my friend, I actually mean he's my friend.  We knew each other "in real life" before we started the blogging thing.  Because of that, I can tell you that a) he's the real deal, b) he's wonderful in real life, too, c) he listens to good music and d) he once left me a voicemail consisting only of the most annoying sound ever in the whole world.

Well, JV has written a book.  Like an actual book.  It's full of true stories from his childhood-some you've read on the blog, some you haven't.  If you're a regular reader, you know that the stories about his childhood are his best ones.  The man paints a picture like no one's business. 

Yes okay maybe I'm slightly biased.  But people with talent should be supported, and JV has it in spades.  Reading this book will make you happy.  I know it with all my heart.  If only there were some kind of holiday coming up for which buying a book as a present would make perfect sense. 

If such a holiday exists, here's how you can obtain a copy or 20:
- Buy it from JV's Createspace store
- Buy it from Amazon
- Buy the Kindle version

Look at all those choices!  Could it be any easier to buy this book?  No, Chandler Bing.  It could not.

Speaking of supporting people with talent, I recently beat my 83 year old grandmother at Mexican Train, know.  Eat it, Grandma.

Also be on the lookout for my book "101 Ways to Look Busy at Work But Not Actually Be Working".  Man-wouldn't that be an awesome book?  Or maybe I'll write one called "Whatever-I Totally Did Not Drink a Bottle of Wine by Myself on my Birthday Just to Numb the Pain of Aging and the Realization That My Life is Passing Me By".  I'm kidding, family.  I mean about why I drank the wine.  I definitely drank the wine, though.

Buy Johnny Virgil's book!!


Idea #527 said...

I don't know why getting older sucks.

Happy Belated Day the world was graced with your presence! :)

I purposefully didn't say that on the actual day because your last blog post basically said not to.

Johnny Virgil said...

Wow! You are awesome. Thank you! And what the hell is a mexican train? It sounds like something you can get from a prostitute in Tijuana for 50 pesos.

Sarah said...

Thank you, Idea #527! You are always so sweet.

JV, that's totally what Mexican Train is. That is obviously a hobby my grandmother and I share.

Fizzgig said...

that was a total haiku, or fu paw, or whatever its called when you say something you shouldnt put together.

you drank a whole bottle of wine to ease the pain of aging? wines all about aging! maybe id feel sorry if it was a bottle of vodka, but you did it right. props!

Anonymous said...

Love gift suggestion bc I just bought it for myself. I do love my one touch purchase power. Yay! So awesome!! -Steph

Elizabeth said...

I'm with you on the birthday angst. I don't understand people who are all, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! NOT DAY. MONTH!"