Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wicked nail pops

I'm at home right now because a guy is here fixing my nail pops. That sounds dirty, but it's really not. New homes settle so you get smalls cracks in the walls and nail pops. Don't "nail pops" sound exciting? I pictured nails flying out of the walls with a loud popping noise, but they really aren't all that exciting. All that happens is that you can see a tiny circle on your wall from the nail head coming out of the wall a little bit. Bo-ring. As I'm writing this I'm realizing that this guy might have the worst job ever.

Anyway, I've told you guys I am a huge music dork. Well that includes musicals. I loooove musicals. I'm telling you I am poised and ready to be a gay man's best friend. Last night Diane and I got to go see "Wicked". If you're not familiar it tells the story of Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West from "The Wizard of Oz" and how the wicked witch got wicked. It's a huge hit on Broadway, and I have been dying to see it. When my parents gave us their tickets for last night, I almost peed my pants. And with good reason. It was AMAZING. I loved it so much. I was just so happy the entire time. Usually at that kind of stuff I'm the last person to stand up for the standing ovation. Not because I don't think the performers deserve it but because I am a lazy piece of crap. But last night I stood up right away. D and I were just blown away. If you like musicals you should go see it. If not, what is your problem? They are awesome and fun and pretty.

Also I just want to say thank God I live in a city that has such an active performing arts community. I felt so lucky that we even got the chance to see that last night. This city is fantastic despite the fact that D and I got in a fight with some a-holes in the parking garage. I'll just say that it's awesome caring less about your car than another guy cares about his because you will always win in a game of parking garage chicken.


russ said...

I miss my old crappy car cuz I loved that feeling of power.

I like musicals too... relatively familiar with the classics, but not huge into the new stuff. Andrew Lloyd Webber can EAC.

I'm pretty much a messy gay bear who likes to sleep with women.

Hot, huhn?

Nickel said...

I've often read your recaps of Lost on here; even though I don't watch the show I saw this today and thought you would like it. It is a map/timeline of everything that has happened on the show. It takes forever to load but worth it if you are a fan. Enjoy!

danielle said...

you and d are so lucky. i really wanna see wicked. i've never seen anything on broadway, but given that i like local/college productions so much, i'm sure it would be unbelievable.

dutchie said...

absolutely agree on the car thing.
i have a company car and you'd better go to that next gear or I'll just bump you from behind.

Err. think i have just made a very insinuating sentence.

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

I wanted to see "Wicked" badly. But it sold out so freaking quickly here in Cincinnati and the scalpers and eBay were wanting way over $300 a ticket. Nuts I tell you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.