Friday, September 19, 2008

Skee ball wizard

Several things to address:

1. Yes I am going to post about Krusty's and the wedding. I really, really am. In fact I have drafts written up already. I know-how effing dorky am I that I sometimes write up drafts? Pretty dorky. But that's how I have to roll. I have very few good brain cells left so my memory fails me more often than not. Seriously, though, I promise. I'm making a solemn vow right here, right now: next week you will hear about both of these. If I don't, there are people here who will have my head (Sharda) so it will happen.

2. The day I posted about the Twilight series, I finished. I read all 4 books in 12 days. That is effed up, you guys. You know what else is effed up? Now I am currently trying to figure out when it's appropriate to start reading them again. Also to those who read book four and didn't like it: What gives? I don't get all the negative reactions. I thought it was amazing and fantastic and I screamed and cried and clapped through the whole thing. On an unrelated note: while Edward is obviously the perfect choice for Bella hands down no question, does anyone else think Jacob sounds wicked effing hot?

3. Skee ball league is amazing. Is skee ball one word or two? I always write it as two and since this is my blog I declare it two words. The team we played against, Ballz In Your Mouth, was obviously 3 guys and they were incredibly nice and fun. Each person on the team plays 10 games so that's 60 games of skee ball. Eighteen games in, this happened:

Christy broke our skee ball machine. I mean maybe not for real but it mysteriously stopped working while she was playing. That's all I'm saying. We only lost by 20 points, but our team had the high score for the whole thing: 320. Oh by the way, that was me. Boo-ya. But I really shouldn't brag because other than that game, I was horrible. I am usually awesome at skee ball, but I am sick so I'm blaming it on that and all the medicine I was on. Incidentally, Mon suggested I should be team leader since I played even while sick. I appreciate the sentiment, Mon, but really I should never be in charge of anything. Nothing good comes from that. Remember when I was in charge of steering when Meg and I were kayaking?

Steph, by the way, is some sort of skee ball savant. Seriously it's really weird. She's a skee ball freak. She says it's because she's from Sandusky which is home to the amusement park, Cedar Point, and is therefore essentially a carnie.

All in all, skee ball league is the best thing ever and everyone should join it. Also Steph's new nickname is Carnie.

P.S. They make you sign a waiver in case you get hurt. I was making fun of it so much and then I started thinking about it: if anyone was to get hurt while playing skee ball, who would it be? Me. Absolutely. Now I'm just waiting to see how it will happen. I'll keep you posted.


citygirl said...

Instead of re-reading Twilight...did you know that Buffy Season 8 and Angel Season 6 have been coming out in comic book form all year. They are really, REALLY GOOD!

The Dunce said...

LOL @ "The team we played against, Ballz In Your Mouth, was obviously 3 guys..."

Mon said...

Well, it was a fantastic suggestion to be leader, backed up by your high score. Holla.

I can't wait to see how someone is injured at skee ball. Not that I'd wish that on anyone. but im sure it will happen.

Anonymous said...

So, I just want to let everyone know that I can't count -- aparently, we WON!! We totally kicked Ballz In Your Mouth's ass!! (next time, don't let me be in charge of the score sheet!)

Nessa said...

Dude, I have totally thought Jacob was the better option the whole time. Kissing a guy who is stone cold freezing versus kissing a guy who is running a fever and will therefore never have cod fish cold/slimy lips? No fucking contest. Hot guy wins every time.

I was very glad Stephanie Meyers worked me into the story, AND made Jacob fall in love with me.