Friday, September 05, 2008

So I owe you an explanation for my drunken run on posts over the weekend. That is coming. First I have to discuss 2 things:

1. Did any one watch the new "90210"? We had a viewing party at Aloyd's house. Here are my thoughts:

- It was not good.
- The new Brenda is too skinny. And the dude she's into right now is UglyHot, and confuses us.
- I was so happy to see Kelly and Brenda on TV again.
- I am officially old because last time I liked the high school boys. This time around I'm totally into the dad and the teacher. Yummy.

2. John and I have talked about having our own radio show for a few years now. I can't begin to imagine how fun that would be. To get the ball rolling, John sent this email to Clear Channel yesterday. For real:

"Dear [name of person at Clear Channel],

My friend Sarah and I both work in IT (information technology) and we are, by all accounts, hilarious. We have decided that we would rather have our own syndicated radio program on Clear Channel stations across the country than continue this drudgery. To that end, I'm just shooting you a quick email to get some information on the in's and out's of the business. I'm sure you know the ropes and could give us some amazing advice on how to kickoff what will inevitably be 2 of the most amazing radio careers ever launched, and your support will never be forgotten when we make it big. I suspect that when we do inevitably blow up and pull a 50 share in all of your major markets, we will undoubtedly shower you with lavish gifts and luxury items when we lock in our 7 figure deals. This show is amazing, I can tell by the look on your face right now that you already wish you were listening to our show. Frankly so do we. We are amazing. I think ours is the kind of show that people will spring out of bed with a smile on their faces knowing they get to listen to us on their commute. Crime rates will hit an all time low when we hit the airwaves and sales of anti-depressants will plummet. If you are a shareholder in any of the major pharmaceuticals who manufacture anti-depressants as their lifeblood I'd recommend reallocating your 401k before you send us the "Welcome to Clear Channel" package. This is going to be awesome. Seriously, let's do this. XM/Sirius is already beating down our door and we are definitely not down with Satellite radio my friend.

Yours Truly,
Cleveland Ohio"

Big things are about to happen, you guys.


Suzylouwho17 said...

ok seriously I totally agree that the "adults" in the remake are way hotter then the 23 year olds pretending to be 15. I also blogged about how skinny the new Brenda is. Totally glad i'm not the only one!

Idea #527 said...

Ummm. . . I didn't get a chance to watch the new 90210 yet, but I absolutely LOVE Rob Estes. Actually both actors who are named Rob Estes are hot.

But I loved the elder Rob Estes since Silk Stalkings. YUMMY!!!

Also in the new 90210, since I have yet to watch it, I'm entrigued to see the girl's character who played the crazy daughter last season on Nip/Tuck.

Anonymous said...

I'd give you the job, any day. Now all I need is my own radio station.

sarahsays said...

I also agree with everything you said - did you catch the soup? Joel definitely cracked on how the classes were like 30 seconds long. you have to see it - hysterical.

Mon said...

i loved the new 90210. Im not the only one either, so there. I didnt want to like it i wanted to hate it for being a total rip off but I can't.

im all for your own radio show.. you should start podcasting. but i will be kinda mad if you get my rover's morning glory knocked off the air or something like that. watch your back...

Anonymous said...

Um, not that I don't enjoy any of your other blog posts, but are we ever going to hear about Krusty's and your sister's wedding? I'm sure there are tons of funny anecdotes to share with all of us, your audience.

BTW, I watched 90210 and am still unsure if I like it or hate it.

TMC said...

UglyHot? Never heard of the word but I totally get it and love it.

CruiserMel said...

John is seriously onto something. You guys simply must have a radio show - syndicated from Day One, so I can hear it in Texas.