Saturday, August 30, 2008

She's my cherry pie

What up! I got yelled at cuz I said I'd write today and haven't yet. Today we saw a dude wearing a v-neck. And by v-neck I mean his chest hair was 2 different colors. White and black and the white was in a V shape as if he wears only v-necks and sits in the sun 24-7 and the part exposed got bleached. Christy and I were scared.

Tonight we saw Billy Idol, Eddie Money and Warrant. and now Steph and I are drinking vodka. This is taking forever to post because of spelling/vodka issues. I love you, motherbitches.


Anonymous said...

I'm more scared that you got to see enough of this freaky chest hair than by the hair itself.

OK, that's a lie. The hair is the most disturbing thing I've heard all year.

Teri said...

some interesting offbeat news..