Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At least I get to bed before 4am now

You guys, there is a void in my life. An Olympics shaped void. It's been 3 days, and I am still sad that they are over. I'm not sure if it's my age or Michael Phelps or what, but I was more into these Olympics than I have been for years. I love what the Olympics represent, and I love that giant effing LCD screen they used in the opening ceremonies. Are you kidding me, China? No opening or closing ceremonies will ever compare to yours. Absolutely unreal. After the Memory Tower portion of the closing ceremonies where people were literally running up and down the tower and dancing on it to look like fire (which it totally did), I was like, "Good luck, London!" I'm just saying I wouldn't want to be the city that had to follow that.

Also the handoff to the UK was hilarious. Jimmy Page looks pretty young. And seriously-Leona Lewis? Really? She gets to perform at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics? How? How is that possible? I might as well have performed. At least she didn't sing that one song that's always on the radio. I think it's called "Bleeding Love" or "Bleeding Eardrums Because This Song is Terrible" or something. And also I love that David Beckham was just randomly there. It's like the UK said, "Hey David Beckham is a famous English guy-let's have him there." I told John they should've had Hugh Grant come out and be hilarious and then make out with a hot American actress. In fact, London, I think you should just go ahead and play "Notting Hill" as your opening ceremonies. Just an idea. Feel free to use it. I won't ask for credit, but I will expect to be invited to sing at the closing ceremonies. I will be singing "Every Heartbeat" by Amy Grant.

My favorite saying seen on a sign at a craft fair in Delaware, Ohio this weekend where I tried to take a picture of it and got yelled at by the store owner whose eyes looked in 2 different directions and I didn't know which one to look at so I just kept alternating looking at both of them: "Back door guests are best!"


Mon said...

I guess Leona lewis is like the british madonna...she's huge....wait...isn't madonna british now? nevermind!

I thought it was pretty cool, it showed that the UK is hip and happenin and it wont be uptight geisha girls smiling at everyone who walks by, itll be all.. "austin powers-y" (if we're lucky)

That tower thing made me laugh my a** off. I loved the close ups when there would be random people doing the air bicycle. aaah haaa!

Anonymous said...

You can fill the Olympic void and continue the late nights by watching the Democratic National Convention...

Also, I like to think you like the Olympics so much this year because you could relate more having been a competitor yourself, VaChina.


that girl said...

I have a crafty wall hanging with that saying so I have posted a picture of it for you at my blog.. .
and if you can share how to put in HTML tags so my web address can be linked to from the comments, that would be great. sorry the woman wouldn't let you take a photo, but now you have one for yourself.

and yes, leona lewis with jimmy page? strange....

Dana said...

I'm apparently un-American because I didn't watch any Olympic coverage this year. None. I usually at least watch a little swimming and some gymnastics, but I just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm because the rest of the United States had sucked it all up. But after reading your recap, I'm regretting missing the opening/closing and hand off ceremonies, because they sound awesome.
You're funny. I'm not sure if I've ever posted here before, but I laugh at you a lot. That didn't come out right. So hi! Thanks for making lunchtime more fun. :)

Skeezix said...

I'm sad about the Olympics too.

Back Door Guests...therewas a local restaurant that had a "Backdoor Salad" on it's menu for the longest time. I'd snicker every single time I ordered it.

Anonymous said...

As a British person, I'd just like to say we have no idea why Leona Lewis did the opening ceremony either.

Still, the bus thing? I hated how true that was.

And please don't mock David Beckham's appearance. He's all we've got left.

Sarah said...

Raz, you will get no mocking of David here. But maybe of Victoria. You have to give me that. I'm glad we agree on Leona Lewis. Now be honest-you want to see me sing at your closing ceremonies right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, David Beckham was there. For the first time since the 1970's, there is a good chance that Great Britain will field an Olympic Football team. England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have their own National teams and leagues for international football, but they all compete together in the Olympics as Great Britain for the rest of their events. As such, there has been a lot of contention about coming together as a single Olympic team.

However, because London is hosting the 2012 games, there has been a lot of talk about reforming an Olympic team. That is the big reason for Beckham's presence, even though he may be mostly dead weight and eye-candy for the ladies.


D-HOR said...

I've never been into the olypics in the past (ok so maybe when I was 14 and rooted for Christie Yamaguchi like crazy) but this time I really did get sucked in by Michael Phelps. He's got that weird swimmers body and funky teeth but I wanted him to get all of those medals and break that record so bad! And maybe the pirahna teeth make it even better, like, you can be busted and still be a super star.

I wonder if he'll get them fixed. Shit he could make a gold GRIIIIL out of his medals! Dis be my ole-im-pic Greeeeaaal beotch!