Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wait till you hear what Steph has planned for us tomorrow. More on that later...

I am seriously still gathering stories about Krusty's. Shockingly, I don't remember all the details. I have no idea why. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that when I got to the bar afterwards I made the concious choice that I was going to get so drunk, people were going to have to carry me home. Nice.

In the meantime, here is the best quote ever from last week's "My Boys": "Dude, wine tasting is really just a classy way for people to get day drunk."

Also here are some random text messages I have in the inbox of my cell phone:

Becky says she loves you like peanut butter loves jelly

Um you had approx one cranberry vodka for every year of your life

Your mom looks hammered.

[redacted] calls his penis mr. winky

Or i could b on the east side w/ 3 hookers

i will seriously make love toy uu if yu bring me food

Bruce hornsby! Woo!

U stay right where u are. I'm comin to kill u

Classic W O R D up!

mullet lighter air guitar trifecta

Rock out w ur cock out. Hang out w ur wang out. Have fun.

3 tings i men n sexy time! miss me!

I spy a pink cowboy hat

good. woke up outside in the rain with my pants around my ankles

i cut my balls pretty bad with clippers

Yo i just ate like 50 pringles. i will let u know if anything else crazy happens tonight

uhhh...awesome debop, debeep, de yabadap

don't make me destroy u like i did in the mid 80s

I love your pants off!

shoving a giant brown shaft in your mouth is gayer


Sizzle said...

I wish I got texts like that. HA!

Personal fave: Yo i just ate like 50 pringles. i will let u know if anything else crazy happens tonight

Tracy Lynn said...


Anonymous said...

Ummm... I was hanging out with Aunt Nancy and she wants the scoop on the wedding... I told her that we just don't remember, but I am not sure if she bought that...

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't buy that!

Aunt N

JL said...

Wine tasting as a classy way to get day drunk only works until your mouth turns purple.
But then the pitures sure look great...

Sarah said...

JL, wine tasting is a classy way to get day drunk until you puke all over yourself and fall down stairs in the middle of ta bar. I might know someone who did that who looks an awful lot like me.

D-HOR said...

Last month we did a wine tasting BYCYCLE tour. 20 miles of riding our bikes and dropping in on various wineries.

I just thank god I wasn't the one with the bike rack - after the 3rd wine tasting place all of the wine started to taste FABULOUS and we decided to buy like, you know, everything.

AnyWAYS - Hang out with your wang out!!???!?? AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I've never heard that before *sad and lame I know*

I imagine the phone company loves to radomly check your records. :P

Mel said...

Ha! Your Bruce Hornsby message reminds me of a night I sat alone at Nighttown. I was practically begging the bartender to keep his Bill Withers CD playing... all while texting all my favorite lyrics to my friends and neighbors. LOL. Awesome.