Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things that are totally awesome for me this week

- "Disturbia" by Rihanna. Eighty percent of my free time is spent listening to this song.
- James McAvoy. He is just a yummy, yummy little treat. Not usually my type but mmmm.
- Neil Patrick Harris's Old Spice commercial. Have you seen it? It is amazing.
- I am taking a half day to go to an Indians game today. Awesome.
- The Douche Card. Oh how I could use this.
- Krusty's is in 49 hours. The reason I know that is because my friend Mike texted me 2 hours ago and said, "51 hours till Krustys". Then he wrote, "I just peed a little...just a little".
- Lost season finale

I know what you're thinking about that last one. 'But, Sarah, the Lost finale was 2 months ago.' Oh boy. Guys, it's time for super confession to my Losties out there. Um...I just watched the season finale for the first time last night. I know!! I'm the worst! I have no excuse. I had it and the two episodes before it on my DVR and just never got around to watching them. I got so busy especially with the wedding, and it just seemed like there was never a good time. And the further I got away from it, the more I forgot that I hadn't watched it. Then last night I was looking through the giant list on my DVR and came across them and was like, "Holy awesome-I get to watch new Lost episodes!" All I have to say is...holy shit. I won't go into my usual extensive detail because we're clearly not in Lost recap season, but I just have a couple things I want to say.

Very old spoilers ahead

- Why is Walt 35 years old.

- Hurley playing chess with Mr. Eko!!! Is he crazy or is that real? I vote real.

- Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter to save the group. Has anyone else on the island done a bigger 180 in personality? Mr. Selfish becomes Mr. Selfless? Oh my God that was amazing. Also it led to a shirtless Sawyer scene. Bonus. You know what? This is going to sound sacreligious I think, and I can't even believe I'm saying this, but when he crawled out of the water and went up and was talking to Juliet, I thought, "They'd be a pretty hot couple." I know, right? What is wrong with me? I don't know what it is-maybe it was the 3 months away from the show, but she didn't really bother me that much in the last few episodes, and actually I pretty much believe she is really just a person who got stuck in a bad situation and is trying her best to help. WHO AM I?? Obviously when the next season starts I reserve the right to immediately loathe her again if I want to.

- Jack's dad and Claire in the cabin.

- Locke's the new leader of The Others! Amazing twist. Amazing.

- Jack knows Claire's his sister. That was an awesome scene. Matthew Fox was pitch perfect. Also hottest man alive.

- Jin! You guys, I was bawling my eyes out when he was yelling for them to come back and Sun was screaming. To be honest, I was also screaming, "YOU HAVE TO GO BACK!! GET HIM!!" Then the boat exploded, and...I don't think I can talk about it. I was a mess. An absolute mess.

- The Desmond and Penny reunion was the most amazing thing ever. What a fantastic payoff. Again I was turned into a blubbering mess. So so beautiful. Plus she is so awesome. She never stopped looking for him, and she helped the group lie. I wonder if she knows what her dad is up to or if he knows what she is up to. I would love to see a father-daughter face off. I don't know if this means that Desmond is not going to be on the show anymore. That makes me really sad since he is so awesome and hot. But I am okay knowing he's somewhere with his happy ending.

- Locke in the casket!!



Aaron said...

ok, I rock out "Disturbia" too, but don't tell anyone. I may have to trade in my guy card. That song is so good that I think even my intestines dance when it comes on.

Mon said...

I'm too disappointed to even comment on the fact that you havn't watched Lost. I watched it like, 50 times already.

I'm such a bigger loser than you! nah!

sarahsays said...

I LOVED the desmond/penny storyline. I kept saying throughout all of the seasons that i just wanted them together - needless to say I was estatic when they were reunited.