Thursday, July 03, 2008

Best Wednesday Ever

So I'm still sorting through PIB pictures looking for ones that I can actually post here. In the meantime, let me tell you about my really tough day yesterday.

9am - Got to work

10am - John writes me and says, "We should go golfing."

10:30am - I tell my boss I'm taking the afternoon off.

11:30am - John has convinced his wife, Leah, and Danielle to not work and to go golfing with us.

2:45pm - I arrive at the golf course and tell the people I'm on a work call with that "I need to drop off now".

3pm - We are waiting to tee off.

3:01pm - We crack open some alcoholic beverages.

3:05pm - John tells us we need to take some practice shots.

3:06pm - John takes practice shots while we watch him and drink beer.

3:15pm - 5:30pm - I laugh continuously for 2 hours as we have a freaking blast playing golf and watching Danielle get drunk. We eat Sun Chips because Leah is a mom and is awesome and brought us snacks. I drink some sort of Pomegranate Martini drink that Danielle brought me in a water bottle. It is glorious. Danielle is glorious.

4:45pmish - Danielle and John pee in the woods.

5pmish - John tries to hit his tee shot like Happy Gilmore. Misses 3 times.

5:45pm - On the last hole, Leah completely forgoes golf clubs and just throws her ball down the fairway. She even hand rolls her putt.

6pm - John realizes he locked his keys in his trunk so he can't drive home.

6:10pm - We head out near John and Leah's house, get their kids and go to dinner.

7pm - Leah asks her and John's 5 year old son Josh if he wants ice cream and he says, "No. It's too brain freezy."

8pm - Leah and John's 7 year old daughter Kristin asks me to play musical chairs with her and Josh. I pwn Kristin in the first round. Josh pwns me in the second. I mention in passing that it probably means I'll be a bad mother that I eliminated Kristin without a second thought. No one argues. But John does say that I should've said, "Yeah! In your FACE! You suck and I rule!!!"

8:15pm - John says, "Okay, guys. To the van!" and Danielle and I tell Kristin and Josh we should all become a group of heroes who fights crime. Josh says, "You mean like fight real bad guys? Real ones?"

8:25pm - Josh says, "Hey-I don't think we should fight real bad guys. Just like fake dummy ones made out of wood." We agree.

8:40pm - Danielle and I decide from the back of the van that we would like Leah and John to drive us everywhere all the time.

9pm - I drive John back to his car with his spare key. We sing "Holiday Road", "Walking in Memphis", "To Be With You", "Cool It Now", "Ditty", and "Don't Shed a Tear For Me". We both decide we need to learn the words to "Ditty" so we can rap appropriately at Diane's wedding.

9:30pm - I'm back home laying on my couch full and happy, and I get a text from John saying nice things.

I loved yesterday.

P.S. I got my best score ever, too. 58. That I realize is not that good. But for me it is-especially since it was a legitimate 58. I counted every single stroke. I didn't have to enforce the 10 stroke rule (if I get to 10 strokes, I pick up my ball) plus I didn't even lose any golf balls. That never happens. You are not the boss of me, golf course!


Sassy Blondie said...

Why can't I just call in and take the afternoon off...oh yeah, I have to supervise kids!

You're so lucky! :)

Mon said...

I can relate from experience...that knowing all the words to "Ditty" is totally pimp-ti-fied, as no one else does, and people watch you in amazement.

Put it on your bucket list fo shizzle.

Lil Sass said...

haha I totally worked from 3:30-6:00pm yesterday and also had beer for dinner. I mean, when one day a week is a holiday, why bother work at all? Friggin' independence ...

weesle909 said...

9:00am - 9:30pm - Your day was better than mine