Thursday, October 30, 2008

I write good

I am currently writing about our Miami weekend trip, but I just found this. Obviously it must have fallen out of one of the "memory boxes" my parents gave me. It's from November 1987. So it's pretty recent. It is titled "In My Future" and I filled in a bunch of blanks. My answers are in green:

In My Future

I think it would be fun when I am older to be a writer because it would be fun and I would get a lot of money.

I think I would be great for this job because I love write writt writing.

I do not think it would be fun to be a artist or a fireman.

Here is a picture of the job I would like to have when I am older:

Comments on this:
1. I think my favorite part of this is that I said I wanted to be writer so I could get a lot of money.
2. It's too bad I didn't want to be an artist. Clearly I missed my calling.
3. Where are the bottom half of my arms.
4. That is almost an exact rendering of my hair in 1987. I wish I was kidding-believe me. But the perm...well the perm was very, very real.
5. I made my dad sign this. I have no idea why. My theory: Momentary mental deficiencies as a result of inhaling too many permanent chemical fumes.

P.S. Does anyone remember the Olgivie Home Perm? That just came screaming back to me. Now that is old school. One question, though: how come I can actually still purchase an Olgivie Home Perm from Walgreen's? Are they still available? If so, how come they haven't updated their packaging in 23 years?


Fizzgig said...

mostly, i love the fact that you are wearing a see-thru skirt. Am I right?

I got the oglevee home perm, usually we went with the pink curlers. Once I made my mom do the tiny blue ones, and she advised me against it, so I spent the next 3 hours shampooing with PRELL shampoo.

For some reason, this took the permi-ness out of your hair. When It was still too 'poodle-y' I had to get another oglevee home perm, and brush it thru my hair to straighten it.

This became a new fad for me. Perming, and perm-straightening my hair. My mom just loved rolling my hair so I could straighten it two weeks later.

JL said...

UUUhg, the home perm. I think I had two, and I immediatly washed them both out. Why perm, when you can *crimp*?

Johnny Virgil said...

You had such beautiful eye.

Anonymous said...

Wash out a home perm!? Nobody told me this was possible. My mom permed me in the 8th grade and that sweet freedom fro stayed with me until college. I'm not kidding. That stuff is potent.

I also thought that was a see-thru skirt in the sketch. Very fashion forward you were.


Anonymous said...

these are my favorites, I wish I had some of my "work" from my youth still. My parents totally sucked at posterity saving.

p.s. word verification = aintoto

Ain't Kansas neither

sarahsays said...

Hahahah I believe I have that exact same picture except that I am a cashier at a grocery store - what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Back to perms - my mom permed MY BANGS. Because she got tired of curling them for me. Yeah.