Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rocking the Vote

Guys, I am literally posting this from the line to go vote. This is some serious on-the-scene in-the-action reporting here.

And what action it is. They are whisking us through at the rate of about 1 person per every 20 minutes. You can see the line moving forward...if you use a time-lapse camera. It doesn't help that my voting location is literally a small condo. It's the Homeownwer's Association office-a converted condo. And there are up to 3 whole voting booths in there.

Luckily we are all waiting outside because there's no room inside. But it's okay because it is roughly 40 degrees. My hair, which I did not do this morning and is wet, is now frozen into a Medusa-like crazy lady mess on top of my head, and the only reason my fingers aren't frozen is because I'm using them to type this.

Why all the bitching? Let's get to the heart of it:

I am easily one of the laziest, whiniest people this country has ever known, yet I am standing out here freezing my ass off and waiting in a line that will probably, from the looks of things, last for the next 6 hours all because today I get to vote for our new President. And I don't even care about politics. As such, you have no excuse for not getting off your bum and doing the same cuz seriously if I'm doing it, everyone should be.
Seriously it is fucking-A freezing out here. I might try to snuggle with the old guy in front of me. If you see me on the news getting arrested for assaulting a senior citizen at the polls, don't judge me for my Medusa hair.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I took today off to relish in the excitement. I'm so proud of you. (I think...depends on how you voted, truth be told...if I learn that you and your sister worked out another lame deal, like 2004, then you will be running laps before skee-ball tourney). -Steph

P.S. Come over anytime tonight. Really! I will try not to throw up this year...

Steph said...

amen! I always say, if you didn't vote, you don't have a right to bitch if you don't like how things turn out:)

Fizzgig said...

I voted last week. I wasn't trying to deal with that mess today!!

hope you don't freeze to death! maybe youll be there when it hits 71 and thaw out!!!!!

Johnny Virgil said...

did you vote for Kang or Kodos?