Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore

There are some things we need to talk about:

- I'm not going to tell you how many times I saw "Twilight" this weekend. Suffice it to say, I may have single-handedly assured that the sequel would be made into a movie. For those curious, I loved it. Is it Oscar-worthy? Of course not. Is it the greatest movie to be put to film? No way. But it is lovely for what it is-a teenage love story about 2 kids, one of whom happens to be a vampire. It hits the right note with its intended audience (tweens and 30 year olds who are eternally 13 on the inside). Also I don't know what Rob Pattinson's deal is, but for someone who really isn't that cute, he sure does give me the tingle. Jesus. He can stare at me like I'm his next meal anytime he wants. I was wrong about him when I first heard he was cast. He is the perfect Edward.

- I am so depressed about "Pushing Daisies" being cancelled that I don't even know what to do. Why? Why is this happening to me? Seriously, ABC-you keep "Wife Swap" but get rid of one of the most imaginative and entertaining shows on television? You should be ashamed. While we're at it: please tell Shonda Rimes (head writer on "Grey's Anatomy") that she has completely lost her mind. She is off her rocker, and I am very close to leaving the show for good. The Izzie-Denny storyline simply must go. It is even worse than the original Izzie-Denny storyline which was AWFUL. That is all I'm going to say about that because I literally will not be able to stop bitching. Shonda, you're horrible. Time for someone else to take over. The only good thing you've done this season besides made Alex more awesome is bring on Owen Hunt, the military doctor guy. That man is rugged. Rugged complicated tortured awesome hotness.

- Seriously "Pushing Daisies"! I'm so sad! Lee Pace better be on television again and soon.

- You might remember that last year when my sister and I offered to help out at Thanksgiving, my mom asked us to make the relish tray rather than letting us cook something. Relish tray as in pickles and olives. Well guess who just got upgraded to dessert! That's right: my sister. I'm still on relish tray duty. WTF! When I confronted my mother she said, "I just know how much you love the relish tray, and I knew you would do a good job." Hmm...that sounds suspiciously like the way you would explain your decision to a 5 year old. Then she said, "What I really need is for you to come over early and help me." Let me tell you guys how that will go:

Me: Hey, Mom! What can I do?
Mom: Can you stir this gravy?

I stir gravy for 20 minutes.

Me: Okay, now what? Need me to make the stuffing or potatoes?
Mom: Can you set the table?

I set the table.

Me: Okay want me to check on the turkey? Baste it or whatnot?
Mom: Can you get everyone a glass of water?

Are you guys seeing a pattern here? I am really not allowed anywhere near the food or kitchen. Someday this will change. I will do something important. It will be awesome and awe-inspiring and will most likely end in a trip to the hospital.


Russ said...

"But it is lovely for what it is-a teenage love story about 2 kids, one of whom happens to be a vampire."

Wikipedia says the dude was born in 1918 -- so it's 90 year old dating a teenager?

I keep hearing that it's all very chaste and family friendly, but this seems creepy.

Anonymous said...

um..vampires stay the age they were when they were changed thus making him appear eternally 17. DUH! :) Sara I'm jealous you got to see it again (and again) I'm hoping to catch it again this weekend! :) I agree withyou abotut he casting choice of Edward..I was afraid I'd only see "Cedric Diggory" but he totally brought edward to life (so to speak)

Brandi said...

I TOTALLY agree with the Grey's Anatomy part. I'm so over this Izzy and Denny story. It's f-ing lame. GA lost me once and I'm not afraid to have them lose me again.
And I think the military Dr. looks like a frog. I have this argument with Erin (who will probably post a comment about how much she agrees with you). He's not hot. He's a frog.

Erin Jeannine said...

I think it's clear that Brandi has no taste whatsoever. I would stand for hours and hours under an eave with icicles hoping one would fall and impale me so that Dr. Hunt would touch my abdomen. I need Izzy to leave the show, and then for more story lines with Dr. Hunt. Preferably naked. And maybe Robert Pattinson could be a guest star. Also naked.

Russ said...

Do vampires stay mentally or emotionally the same age? I'm only 35 and college kids look like children to me, and I imagine most 17year-olds are dull as hell.

I think most peeps would have a problem with a sex 27yo dating a teenager... but I guess he pulls this off.

Fizzgig said...

Pushing daisies again? wasnt it resurrected once already? Everything good comes to an end. I think thats the reason for being alive. To learn that lesson. Cus, it keeps happening.

Yea, izzy and denny are so over. she needs to be committed or something. sex with a ghost? that was totally pushing it right there. This isnt "ghost". Only patrick and demi could pull that off.

Dana said...

Russ -- it's a fantasy. Go with it.
Chicks dig vampires.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? You're allowed near ACTUAL KITCHEN IMPLEMENTS? Wow, you must be much better in the kitchen than me. If my nan can even SEE me at Christmas when she's cooking, I get yelled at. Niiice, real nice.