Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving is over but pumpkin bread lives on

How I helped with Thanksgiving dinner:

1. Relish tray
2. Stirred gravy
3. Put out bread plates
4. Yelled at Diane for not mashing the potatoes enough

You may be wondering, "But, Sarah, who filled the water glasses? That seems like such a natural fit for you." And it is, believe me. But this year my cousin's 23 year old daughter was with us. Obviously she was put on water glass duty. At dinner-the first time in Thanksgiving history that she was at the adult table, by the way-any time someone would ask, "Who made this?", she would quickly say, "I did!" because a) she wanted to take credit for more than just ice water and b) she is hilarious like most members of my family are. I was like, "Meaghan, don't worry-someday you will work your way up to relish tray. But I mean it won't be until you're almost 32."

As usual my Thanksgiving was wonderful because I got to spend time with my family, listen to Christmas music, stuff my face with good food and watch Risk Astley sing in the Macy's parade!!!!!! Seriously did you guys see that? I almost pooped my pants. If you didn't, it was on a Cartoon Network float for a show called "Foster's Home" or something. And all the characters started singing a song about "Have you met my best friend?" and then the music stopped suddenly and out came Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up". Rick totally rickrolled us! It was maybe the single greatest thing I have ever witnessed. Look for it on YouTube. It is awesome. I can't link to it because I'm at work and work doesn't let me get to any sites that are fun and/or feature Rick Astley.

Friday we did our family shopping day (yes we do that). I know, I know-why did you pick Black Friday? Well, Drew really wanted to go this year and that is the only day he could go. I haven't been out shopping on Black Friday in like 15 years, and I just want to say holy effing crap. What is wrong with people? It was seriously insane, and none of us actually bought any presents for anyone except for me because obviously I am the least selfish person in my family. Even though everything else I bought was totally just for me. Then we went to dinner and saw "Four Christmases" which was pretty cute. One question: why is Vince Vaughn so awesome?

Saturday everyone went out and by everyone I mean everyone except me and Sharda because I was sick with some weird stomach virus and Sharda threw out her back standing up off her couch. Don't feel bad, Sharda-in college I threw out my back shaving my legs in the shower.

A couple items to note:

- It's cheesy Christmas movie time again. Who watched "Moonlight and Mistletoe" with Candance Cameron? Come on, you guys-I know some of you did. God I love cheesy made for TV Christmas movies.

- Last night Steph, Meg and I ate at Melt Bar and Grille which is a grilled cheese restaurant (awesome). Steph and I ordered the sandwich of the month which was just a regular grilled cheese sandwich with a patty of breadcrumb covered macaroni and cheese inside of it. Macaroni and cheese inside a grilled cheese! Doesn't it seem like that breaks all kinds of laws of the universe and such? I'm surprised we didn't cause the universe to collapse on itself.

- "Friday Night Lights" starts on NBC on January 16th so those of you have still have to catch up, do it now. I will never stop trying to get you all to watch it so you might as well just do it. Best show on television.

- Also "Chuck" is really awesome. Start watching that, too.

- How was your Thanksgiving?


Fizzgig said...

I dunno how many times my boyfriend says "let's go to melt" when I venture to his neck of the woods, and then how many times we don't go. Ever. Now that I'm in bootcamp, its all well and good, because that thing? I would have to eat like three of them, and take some to go, and eat them every day forever. Then, hijack the place if they went out of business and lock myself inside and eat mac and cheese sandwhiches til I exploded.

I wish I didn't know this.'s all I can think about. And my stupid healthy choice chicken soup seems so lifeless. Thanks. 'preciate it.

Gina said...

I watched the parade and was like, "WTF? Is that Rick Astley? That can't be, OMG it IS! AWESOME!" but seriously - what the holy hell did he have to do with anything?

Erin Jeannine said...

Wow, I'm so glad you ended that post with a reminder that the best show ever, Friday Night Lights, is coming back, because I was spiraling into a deep depression over not having a grilled cheese restaurant. WTF? I live in Southern California, the Land of Plenty! We have EVERYTHING! Except a grilled cheese restaurant, apparently. Bastards.

shel said...

Delurking to say, YES, Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV right now. You can watch the current season on The latest episode is usually posted by Thursday night (airs Wed night on DirectTV.) I'm all caught up, but I know I'll still be watching it on the big screen (instead of the PC) so I can see Tim Riggins in all his glory.

Anyway, I'll go back to lurking!

Happy Holidays.


Amanda said...

Seriously, you are more than awesome. I love your blog. You are so great. The End.

Nessa said...

I'm so glad you're finally on the Chuck wagon (please, please someone laugh so I don't kill myself for how lame that pun was).

I totally told you to watch it forever ago and it's about damned time you listened to me.

Also: "The awesome apple doesn't fall far from the awesome tree."

Sarah said...

Fizzgig and Erin, seriously get a grilled cheese restaurant. They are awesome.

Gina, that was the greatest thing ever, wasn't it?

Shel, delurk any time! Seriously Tim Riggins. When the show first started I was like, 'Whatever, Tim Riggins. Cut your hair, weirdo.' Now I just want to do dirty things to him. Dirty dirty things.

Amanda, what! So nice. Thanks!

Nessa, I've been watching "Chuck" since day one. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. But yeah-one of the best shows on TV hands down. How freaking ADORABLE is he? Seriously!!! P.S. "Eye of the Tiger, baby!"

Nessa said...

It's all the 80's geek references! It completes me. When they dressed up as the sandworm from dune for Halloween...well I lost my heart that day.

To a man other than my husband.

And that man is whoever the hell wrote that bit of the screenplay.

Peggy said...

I totally threw my back out once in the shower shaving my legs too! God, its nice to know I'm not alone in my 'weird things that happen' thing