Friday, December 05, 2008

Still thankful

I forgot to post about things I am thankful for this year, and since tomorrow I turn 29+3 and am thisclose to a semi-meltdown about it, I think today would be a good day to remind myself what I'm thankful for.

1. Family, friends, readers, Henry (the dog), S&V Pringles, Cherry Coke, pumpkin bread-you know, the usual.

2. I still have a job.

3. My new Christmas tree (it is so pretty, you guys)

4. My new laptop which I am setting up tonight and which is going to be awesome because now I can do iTunes from my recliner and I will be able to blog more often because I can do it in front of the TV (how I do most other things).

5. Friday Night Lights. January 16th.

6. Twilight

7. Dan who is 26 and who keeps telling me that I am really young. Also he has a beard and promised he wouldn't shave it before my birthday. What is it with my guy friends, my birthday and their facial hair?

8. Grilled cheese restaurants

9. Christmas parties

10. Woody for leaving this voicemail on my phone Wednesday: "Hey, Sarah. It's Woody. So listen I know you hurt yourself a lot. Do you have any crutches? I hurt my ankle at basketball and figured you had some since you're always hurt. Call me back." Awesome.

11. Chocolate milk

12. Scott for buying me this book for my birthday and leaving it on my desk to surprise me today. I found it in Borders after lunch one day, and we were absolutely losing our minds. Seriously it is effing hilarious. They're just really cute pictures of baby animals with horrible confessions on them. Example:

Picture: Three little kittens in a box together.
Saying: The donor backed out.

Holy crap. I can't believe Scott remembered this and got it for me! He is the best. Also a couple years ago our information security department handed out these stamps that we're supposed to use to classify our printed materials as Internal, Confidential, etc. You know-the stupid corporate crap that anyone who works in a big company understands. Well Scott wrapped the book and marked it Highly Confidential. Awe-some. When I brought it up, he goes, "That is the first (and only) time I have ever used that stamp." I love my friends.

13. No cavities!

14. My "Office" calendar that John gave me for my birthday last year which right now has a picture of Meredith and this quote: "For my New Year's resolution, I gave up drinking...during the week."

15. I'm totally wearing slippers at my desk. Shh.

There are a million bajillion other things I am thankful for, but right now I need to go get some pop because I just drank all my chocolate milk like a good kindergartner. 29+3, you guys. Ugh. Vodka. Need it.


Erin Jeannine said...

Damn you for #8. Quit bringing that up.

Carly said...

No, no, no. You are 29.999 - got it?

Please post a photo of your tree and whatever obscene decorations your closest friends end up putting on it.

Have a happy happy happy. I will drink some wine for you tonight. (It's a tough job, someone has to do it. )

PS: Last night's Office was BEYOND awesome. Wasn't it?

Skeezix said...

Oh man, I'm turning 29 next week and I can't believe it.

I think I'm going to put that book on my christmas list. And I'm wickedly jealous of the grilled cheese restaurant. Maybe I can my family go there before the Rockette's next weekend.

CruiserMel said...

Thanks for the book idea - I was looking for stocking-stuffers and this will be perfect!

Happy birthday, Sarah. ...and many more.

Amy said...

Happy birthday!

And - OMG - Twilight! I read the entire thing in the last two days and I am OBSESSED and I dream about Edward and Bella and I cannot think about anything else. I am on my way out to buy the other 3 books on my lunch break.

Also I got mad at my husband last night because he wasn't treating me like I wanted (telling me for instance that I am his life now etc etc). He was trying to sleep and I told him EDWARD DOESN'T NEED TO SLEEP.

Yeah. He thinks I'm a total lunatic now. Not that he didn't before.

Fizzgig said...

I'll be 29+4 next weekend. it IS young! I remember thinking 25 was old too. But I stopped once I was like, 25.

And, I'm highly disappointed not to see Lost on here, and instead it has been replaced with some high school show. What? Hello? Remember, Jack, and Kate got off the island, and Locke is dead in a casket and they gotta get back? Only the island moved?

Sassy Blondie said...

It could be worse, Sarah. You could be me..going now...must lie down...

Idea #527 said...

Happy Birthday. . . well now it's belated!!

I am going to have to buy that book for our Girl's Christmas now!!

Thatgirl7278 said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :D