Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It's no secret that I don't really care about politics. I've made that abundantly clear. I'm also not someone who really waxes nostalgic about US history. And I love you guys, but I'm really not interested in hearing anyone's political views right now nor will I be talking about mine because frankly...SNOOZEFEST! But I'm finding it impossible to ignore the enormity of what's happened tonight. Like him or not, we just voted in the first black President.

The first black President of the United States!

After everything our forefathers and so many people after them have fought for to make this a place where all men are created equal, to have taken such a big step toward their vision and in our lifetime to boot, well it's seriously almost enough to make me cry.

This country is not even close to being perfect, and I know not everyone is happy right now. But please look at the bigger picture: we're all witnesses to something historic tonight. Something that is sure to change the landscape of politics-and US history-forever. How can you not love this country right now!?

Sorry to get all emotional and serious. I think that a lot of it stems from knowing I won't have to deal with all the ads and phone calls and interruptions to my shows anymore.

I'm gonna go light up a sparkler and put on some Lee Greenwood.


Dana said...

I'm completely emotional. (I live in Virginia.)

My favorite author (Christopher Moore) posted this on myspace:

"To the McCain Voters

I know how you feel. Honestly. Been there. Got the T-shirt. But look at the spirit of those kids who have lined the streets of our cities tonight, the tears and the smiles, and you should know. We wish you no ill. I understand if you're angry, disappointed, or incredulous, but that will pass, really. I understand. You don't get to drive for a while, but you can scream, grab the wheel, and freak us out the whole way. Really, that's more fun than driving.

Come on. It'll be fun."

Fizzgig said...

I have to agree. Not even Clinton got such a great response, and that was a pretty exciting time as I remember....All the kids loved him when we voted!

I am excited about whats happening. The way everyone is hopeful, makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over!

And I totally agree. Bring back my damn tv shows, and stop interrupting my Ellen with your stupid Dow Jones updates. Bitches!

Thatgirl7278 said...

Have you also noticed the, what seems to be exaggerated, response from McCain supporters/anti-Obama folk?

If I have to read/hear one more person say "God save us." I'm going to scream. You'd think the country just elected the anti-Christ. It's whacky!

spaceface01 said...

I did...and have continued to cry. Since. It. Happened.

I am absolutely proud, at this moment, to be an American.

And here I go again...Crying.

that girl said...

it was witness history like this. my ten year old was home sick from school today...know what I had him to? watch the news...


Erin Jeannine said...

I totally cried watching the speeches. I am so thrilled about Obama, but after watching his concession speech, I think McCain is a pretty decent guy.

But that's done, and now I'm pissed because I'm trying to watch last night's 90210, and I only got like 15 minutes of it because of the election interruptions. There should be a law against that. If I want to watch news, I'll freakin' watch news. If I want to watch a crappy new edition of a show that takes me back to my "young adulthood," I have a right to see every lame minute of it!

Kat said...

It was a very exciting night. I loved McCains concession speech and his plea to make us a united country now.
I had chills watching Obama speak and am excited!
Then my excitment ended once I saw that CA had voted to end the right for everyone to get married.

Johnny Virgil said...

Kat the weirdest thing about that -- I read that the hardcore catholic mexicans carried the vote. You'd think if any group of people understood the effects of discrimination, it would be them. Strange.

Brandi said...

Johnny and Kat... Yeah, some of us Californians are a tad ashamed of that vote. And by "a tad," I mean TOTALLY.

Thatgirl7278 said...

Sarah - Are you watching Grey's these days??? Are the interns seriously performing procedures on themselves?? And a possible appendectomy (sp?)? WTF?!?! That's some crazy ca-ca up in there!

Sassy Blondie said...

Now if that Prop 8 bullshit had been quashed, I might have appreciated my interrupted tv for all the freakin election coverage. I'm glad it's over and am hopeful. What a historical night!