Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Slapsgiving

It's the day before Thanksgiving so all I can think about is eating- obviously.

This year since Diane and I are 28 and 30 we decided it's probably time we start helping out more. Usually we just go to our parents and ask our mom what she needs us to do then we end up just stirring gravy for a half hour. So this year we called and said, "Okay, Mom, we are going to bring food over. What can we make?". Her answer? "Why don't you guys make the relish tray". The relish tray. Pickles and olives. We offered to make potatoes or stuffing or anything that requires using a stove. But no. Relish tray. That is all my mom trusts us with. And not even just one of us. We're both responsible for it.

On the bright side the chances of me burning or cutting myself on this are decreased by like 50%. I don't want to say there's no chance because it is still me, and I will still be in a kitchen. But it's possible I could come out unscathed.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday. Eat too much and drink too much but not so much that you accidentally throw up on your grandma.


P.S. If you watch How I Met Your Mother you will get the post title. All I have to say is "We're going to eat turkey. Then I'm going to slap you in your face."


Skeezix said...

I laughed so hard at Slapsgiving I cried. It was perfect and beautiful.

Seriously, never in my life have I met people who know and love the relish tray and this month I've met 5! The relish tray is my most favorite part of Thanksgiving.

Mon said...

I love how i met your mother. That show is hilarious!

The relish tray. eh. steps. next year you'll get the training wheels off and maybe move up to rolls, and you can get the kind you cook in the real-live oven!!

CruiserMel said...

A long time ago, I figured out that by staying single, my obligations to contributing to Thanksgiving (or any other family holiday meals) were cut by 50%, compared to my married brother. I think we singles have finally succeeded at convincing the others that we cannot cook and it would behoove them to not ask us to help out. Heh. It's an evil plan, but it means a lighter load of responsibility and frees one up for more drinking. And I dig that alot. Happy Turkey Day!

Sgt said...

I dunno, those cans the black olives come in can be pretty sharp.

Stay Safe!

Anonymous said...

Sassy Blondie said...

This year, I have been told not to cook anything. I'm a "guest" this year. Every other year, I get at least three dishes and probably the ham as well.

Prepare your relish tray but throw in a lil something unexpected.

Happy Thanksgiving!

russ said...

Skeezix, I'm a gerkin fiend, but to say the relish tray is your favorite part of T-day is disturbing. You must have some scary cooks in the fam.

I dig cooking for T-day, but all I made was the stuffing and a cauliflower gratin. Although I brought down pizza fixin's for the night-before dinner.

Skeezix said...

Russ, actually everyone in the family are amazing cooks. I'm just weird.

JR said...

I just found your blog, and I literally love it. LITERALLY.