Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ha Ha Ha

A real quick note on our HGTV show: I forgot to mention that it is also a drinking show-like Three Sheets. So I mean instantly it becomes watchable to Steph.

So here's something totally reasonable. If you don't feel like reading it basically what happened is store Santas in Sydney have been told to say "ha ha ha" instead of "ho ho ho" so as not to offend women.

Um...any woman who is offended by SANTA CLAUSE saying "ho ho ho" please stand up so I can punch you in the face. You are ruining Christmas.

Incidentally when Kim, Diane and I were roommates at Woodford we bought a Christmas decoration that said "Ho Ho Ho" and hung it on our front door so people would know who lived there. That oughta set the feminist movement back a couple hundred years.

1 comment:

Tracy Kaply said...

I will totally hold said women for the punching. HO HO HO, indeed.