Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Living in an Amish paradise

If you are ever looking for a band to go see live, might I suggest Jimmy Eat World. They are terrific and sound awesome in person and have so many good songs it's ridiculous. Just don't abbreviate and write JEW on your calendar. It will most assuredly confuse others. Also maybe during one of the best and most emotional songs don't run around telling people that it was in "A Cinderella Story" at a very important part of the movie when Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray kiss for the first time. No one seems to appreciate Hilary Duff trivia at a time like that.

On Saturday, Diane, my parents and I went to Amish Country to rub their noses in our use of electricity and buy their homemade crafts. Listen I truly believe that everybody has the right to live their life however they choose, but seriously what's with the Amish? I just simply don't understand what's appealing about that lifestyle. I've heard it makes you focus on what's important like family, etc. But here's the thing I am very focused on how much I love my family, but I still use a hairdryer in the morning. I think it's okay that I'm making fun of them because they can't read the Internet, right? I mean that is why I make fun of homeless people. Satan, before you take my soul back home with you for eternity you should know I was just kidding.

My friend Renee and I decided that the novelty of seeing a horse and buggy never wears off. So I helpfully pointed them out every single time we saw one. My dad helpfully pointed out all the horseshit.

This weekend I also babysat Steph's dog. We are now bff. Things got a little tense when I made him dance to Michael Buble with me, but he forgave me when I gave him a Milkbone. Dogs are so easy.

Sunday I spent all day worrying about the writers strike in Hollywood. Seriously studios, let's resolve this soon because I swear if I lose all my shows in January I will come out there and force all of you to eat complex carbohydrates till your stomach staples burst.


Anonymous said...

You also taught my dog a new trick...he thinks it's totally cool to sleep in beds now. We went to visit Matt last night and he hopped right up on Matt's bed to settle in. I'm hoping Drew and Diane break him of his new trick this weekend when they watch him...either that or Drew teaches him how to fetch beer. -Steph

CruiserMel said...

I think I love your dad....he always looks on the bright side of things.

Mon said...

I never get sick of the Amish. They live in my neck of the woods too. I always get excited when i see their carts pulled up to the light poles, their horses chowing on hay, while they shop in the supermarket.

The HOR blogger said...

I'm such a gawker when it comes to the Amish folk. We've got a decent number of 'em around here and I have to agree with your friend. I can never quite seem to just let them blend in like everything else and end up staring like an idiot. I stare at their clotes, their bonnets, shoes, have you ever noticed the girls don't have acne???? What's up with that? Ah and when I see a buggy coming down the road and it's filled with like 4 kids and the oldest one is like 6 and he's driving that REALLY freaks me out. Oh and god forbid I go past theirs school. They have a gigantic horse-buggy parking area and I always want to pull over and just have a good ole fashioned GAWK.

Ok, ok I'm just gonna stop now, good post hokay :)

Wes Hackman said...

The Amish are just another group of traditionalists. There's nothing wrong with them. My wife was Amish and she's still pretty much following tradition but she would never go back to the Amish. We have Amish friends and a couple have stated that if it wasn't for the sense of community and the insistence that they would go to hell if they left, they would leave in a heartbeat. The sense of community is one of the attractions. You need assistance and everyone gathers around to help out, whether financially or canning peaches, or making hay.