Friday, November 02, 2007

How's work, losers?

So guess who just woke up because she is not at work? That would be me. Haha suckers. God I love not working. Don't get me wrong I really like my new job, but not working has a magical quality. And that quality is not working.

How about a little show talk? Some spoilers ahead.

I'm seriously reaching the point where I don't even want to write about Grey's. Is it just me or is it getting worse and worse? It's turning into my Dawson's Creek where I don't want to watch it, but I have to because I'm addicted. I'm just going to do a quick recap because I'll be honest I was kind of disgusted with last night's episode.

Izzie and George - horrible. How much longer do I have to endure this?

New cardiologist lady - absolutely, unbelievably horrible. I swear to God if they keep her on the show, I might stop watching because she is so unbearable. Why did the chief take her crap? He's the boss. Assert your power, chief!

McDreamy and McSteamy as friends - amazing. I love it so much. They are so hot.

Heart surgery while you're awake - ga-gew! Is that really possible?

Guy who fell 12,000 feet parachuting - Roy!! It was nice to see him again especially when he's not playing a jerk. That guy is a total cutie.

Meredith and McDreamy - tired. Her issues around that whole thing make no sense anymore. I get her issues with her family, and I can even get her not really wanting to get to know Lexie (even though she's such a bitch to her), but this whole thing with McDreamy-I'm done with it.

McDreamy - McDreamy

Lexie and Alex - kinda hot.

Alex - so very, very hot. More shirtless scenes with him please.

The Office
I think last night might have had the funniest line ever uttered on "The Office". And it was Oscar. "Besides having sex with men, the Finer Things Club is the gayest thing I've ever done." I literally did a spittake.

When Michael was trying to set up the sleeping version of himself, and Dwight said he would be out of the office with him all the time, Michael said, "Mostly I'll be with Ryan. Or Darryl." Hilarious. Then when he had Pam writing up the want ad, "Middle aged black man with sass. And a big butt."

I thought the whole stealing the printer from Utica was a little out there, but their mustache disguises more than made up for it. They looked awesome, and I love that Jim laid the seat back in the car and then told Dwight, "You don't need to update me as much as you are updating me." The whole Jim and Karen reunion was so awkward and so how a girl would react if she heard her ex-boyfriend say he was doing really good with his new girlfriend. I like how Jim just got up and awkwardly walked out.

Oh! Oscar had another amazing line last night. While they were trying to do the Finer Things Club, Phyllis came in to use the microwave and she kept pressing all these buttons over and over and finally Oscar loses it and screams, "WHAT ARE YOU MICROWAVING!?" I lost it, too. Andy trying to get into the club was great, too. "The Finer Things Club is the most exclusive club in this office. I have to be in it. Party Planning Committee is my backup, and Kevin's band is my other backup."

This is the episode synopsis for next week: "Dunder Mifflin goes green when Ryan plans a corporate wilderness retreat and an excluded Michael begins planning his own outdoor adventure." You just know that's going to be awesome.


Johnny Virgil said...

The look on Dwight's face when he said "Or real bombs" was also hilarious. And when Jim tells him "Nothing with the eyes. Promise me."

Mon said...

im pretty depressed about greys myself. sigh.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite parts was this exchange:

Phyllis: Popcorn.
Pam: Why don't you use the other microwave, Phyllis?
Phyllis: Because it needs to be cleaned -- it smells like popcorn.

urban princess said...

When my DVR shit the bed last night and got shut off 10 minutes into the show, I was half-tempted to not scramble to tape it on VHS for my sister. I, too, am getting really tired of the show, and I hate saying that. George and Izzy make me feel oogey. It's like watching a brother and sister kiss (which, I'm fairly positive, happens in Utah A LOT) and I just can't take it anymore. I agree 100% with you on Alex. He should always be either shirtless or in a beater. Always.

Carly said...

1. I can't get past when she(the actress who plays new Cardio surgeon) was in silence of the lambs. She was down in the tunnel, being held captive, trying to lure the dog with a chicken bone, saying "Come here, Precious, you little shit." Everytime I see her, that's what I say.

2. I was supposed to be awake for my ablation, which is one reason that I wouldn't do it for over a year and a half. But I finally HAD TO, and on the day of the procedure they figured out I would probably talk the whole time, and knocked me right out. No way would I do what that guy did last night. But couldn't they give him valium? Let him smoke a joint? SOMETHING???

On that front, why have NONE of the doctors had any drug issues?? It's all sex with these people. All the time.

3. I died when the three guys from Office were in the car, especially the soda can stuff. ("I think I cut my....")

4. Are you buying a Michael Scott talking bobblehead? That's what she said.

Sassy Blondie said...

Izzie and George look ridiculous together! Eww! It's incestuous! Plus, she's a stupid bitch.

And why the hell should Meredith care if her sister is doing Alex? And even more ridiculous, why is she lying in bed with Christina when she could have McDreamy in a NY minute? I'm trying to watch the show with an open mind, but come on...

Andy has the best lines in the office! And Jim's facial expressions say all that need to be said. Plus, I loved when Michael and Dwight were screaming his name in the walkie, and he said, "And stop saying MY name!" The look on his face was priceless.

Please God, hurry up and bring back "Lost"...