Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll, we're gonna bop, we're gonna bowl

How was everyone's weekend? On Friday we went to Beer School. It wasn't to learn how to drink it because believe me-my friends are experts on that. Forty of us went to Great Lakes Brewery and took a tour of their brewing facilities and learned how they make beer. Then we got to taste a bunch of them.

Some of you may remember that I don't drink beer. I hate beer. So why did I go? Because all my friends were going. And we got a free t-shirt. I will do almost anything for a free t-shirt. Plus giving away all my beer tastings made me feel like Santa Claus.

Saturday we watched the Buckeyes own the Wolverines then we all decided to go bowling. It was so fun, and I think I met the man I'm going to marry. There was this guy all of a sudden standing with us, and he was absolutely wasted. He kept rubbing my back then he put his hand on my ass and said, "If I put my finger in your butt would you like it?" Ahhhh-just the line every woman wants to hear. After that I told him it was time for him to go away-you know because I couldn't control myself around him. Then he went over and started rubbing my sister's back. Probably just to make me jealous. Then he did the same to Anita, and her husband Brian finally put an end to the madness. And by that I mean he flew us to Vegas so me and Drunk Finger Boy could get married.

Also that night I, shockingly, did not drink. I know-who am I, right? Well be glad because since I was sober it wasn't me who while at the bar in a crowd of people stepped in front of a giant running fan and pretended to be Tawny Kitaen from the "Here I Go Again" Whitesnake video. Oh wait-no that was me. Drunk or sober, kids, I am what I am: a jackass.


Anonymous said...

Is your future husband Tony? I didn't know he was in town this weekend...-Steph

Idea #527 said...

I couldn't help but notice you never did say anything about Illinois owning the Buckeyes at home a couple of weeks ago. Who would have thunk it?!? Hahahahahahahaha!! However, the only game I got to see my alma mater play was against Iowa at Iowa City and they played horribly and lost. It was also the same time my friend Matt found out I swore like a sailor when I watch sports drunk.

Skeezix said...

I'm impressed with your restraint in the drinking department. Unfortunately I have no such willpower.

But you know what? Who hasn't pretended at some point to be Tawny Kitaen at some point in their lives?

Sassy Blondie said...

WOW Sarah...you get all the good men.

Johnny Virgil said...

you are way too nice to drunken wannabe butt-fingerers.