Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Okay Steph made a great point in her comment to my last post about the radio show, and I want to make sure I make this very clear: Even though I am not a fan of the show, it was very generous of them to have us on. I would have preferred if we had more than 1 minute to talk about our cause, but the truth is it did reach people and have an effect. So while I make fun of our experience there, I want to make sure I explain that I am not ungrateful. They did a good thing, and they continue to support us by promoting our events on their web site. Nothing I write is intended to be a personal attack-just a commentary on how much I loathe local radio. And how I'm kind of a whiney bitch which, let's be honest, is the real heart of the matter here. So in all sincerity, thank you, local radio station. We really do appreciate your support! Okay now you can scroll down and finish the radio post. Thank you for you attention and have a good day. Also Ron on "The Biggest Loser" is a total asshat.


weesle909 said...

What, for sticking to his word, and supporting his son at the same time?

Ron is oksy, so take that back.

(See how I basically ignored 5,000 words about a radio show but focused on one line about Biggest Loser? I'm sure you're just glad you have readers like me.)

Fizzgig said...

kristen deserved to go home. she is a threat to mike. everyone knows you vote out the biggest threat!

Sarah said...

Weesle, I'm totally fine with you picking out only one line! I think it's twisting the truth to say he "kept his word". He worked with Mike and Tara to make sure Kristen went home. Very uncool and manipulative. I know it's a game, but why bother saying "I promised your mom you wouldn't go home." if you don't even mean it. My feeling is-fine be an asshole, but be up front about it. Don't pretend to be "the great protector" when you're just gonna act like a big douche anyway. That's my specific problem with him. Just own up to who you are, Ron!

Fizzgig, I don't disagree with Mike's decision to vote Kristen home over Helen. Ron's just a shady, sneaky jerk. Plain and simple. That was my only point.