Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How is it September 15th already

So lately I have been having all these dreams that are so boring and so like my real life that they are actually messing up my real life. Because I dream about work and working on things that I need to turn in then when I wake up I can't remember if I've actually done those things or not. Or like I dream that my sister asked me to do something really mundane then I go to do it and can't remember if I really was supposed to or not. Or like yesterday. I had dreamt that I made a doctor's appointment then couldn't remember if I really did. So I actually had to call and ask, "Did I call recently and make an appointment?" Guess what makes people think you are either dumb or have mental problems? Calling them to ask them if you recently called them for something.

Okay so I'm not going to go into a lot of details here because I don't want to give the impression that Steph doesn't have it together because she so does. Except on Saturday she was really hungover and therefore dumb (our friend Laura calls it "dumbover"-awesome) and here are a just a few things that took place:

- She accidentally bought lip gloss from a line of makeup specifically marketed toward black women (reminder: Steph is literally the palest woman on Earth. She's almost see through.)

- She (and Matt and Laura and Kube) went to an art gallery and ended up in the kitchen eating food that was sitting out because they thought it was for patrons. Until they saw the sign that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANET!" above it and then Janet came and escorted them away from the food.

- And this is my favorite thing ever: While driving around, Steph realized she and Matt where on the road where she works, but she didn't recognize it. Matt didn't know how that was possible since her work was only like a mile away. While investigating this, it came to light that every morning that Steph has been going to work, she has been driving past her exit, going to the next one and driving back the way she came to get to her building. Oh did I mention Steph has been working there for TWO YEARS!?!? Matt showed her her new route, and I asked Matt, "How much time will this cut off her commute?" And he said, "Easily 10 to 15 minutes." And then I peed my pants laughing for the next, well, roughly 3 days. Because I am still laughing about it. Steph, seriously, my life would be so boring if you weren't in it.

This afternoon Meg, Christy and Steph leave for Italy. I would just like to wish my girls a safe and fun trip. Meg, don't spend all your money on Italian clothes and purses. Christy, spend some money-buy yourself something. Steph, don't accept money from strange men because I really don't want there to be an international incident because you were mistaken for a hooker. I love you all-be careful.

Speaking of the Europe trip, Steph doesn't wear watches because she's so anal about time that she would be OCD about looking at her watch every 3 minutes. So she uses her cell phone to get the time. However, her cell phone won't work in Europe. So what's a girl to do? Oh how about buy an old fashioned pocketwatch? That is what our Steph did on Saturday. And while she was purchasing it, she was yelling at Matt, who was looking at watches, about not wasting his money on impractical things he doesn't need. I repeat: I love Steph.

Okay so...I am not okay today. I am taking Patrick Swayze's death pretty hard. How is he not here anymore? No more Patrick Swayze movies? No more Patrick Swayze dancing? No more real life Johnny Castle!? Here's the thing, obviously I love 80's movies and everything to do with the 80's, but I also really, sincerely loved Patrick Swayze. Maybe he wasn't the number one actor in the universe, but something about him was so genuine and just so likeable. I am so sad. I'm totally going to be on the lookout for floating pennies and Whoopie Goldberg under my window which could be considered a tasteless joke if I was joking. I miss you already, Patrick.


Anonymous said...

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

I might cry.

shine said...

I love this Steph of yours. But I'm sort of concerned about her leaving the country...

I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth. Last week, my friend came over and we went to pick up another friend and as she's driving there saying, "She lives really close to you...like five minutes," I'm saying, "No, it's at least 10-15 minutes because you have to...oh. Is this how you get here? Um...I would have driven you all over downtown. Literally."

Yeah. I'm so good.

Holz said...

... "At least they can start filming ghost 2 now"
is what most of my friends have been saying all day when i state my devistation. 1st time i heard it i'll admit there was a slight giggle, but after the 10th time i started the punching and hair pulling!!! BAD FRIENDS he he

Anonymous said...

Dammit. I sitting on an air conditon-less plane on a delay beside Meg and I showed her my blackberry with your blog and she lost her mind with laughter. Awesome advice. No international incidents, I promise. Ciao Bella! -Steph

laurajane said...

thanks for my "dumbover" shout-out. you are awesome.

i can't wait for steph to get back - you know there are going to be some priceless stories. priceless.