Friday, September 18, 2009

I forgot how much I missed TV

Oh happy day, TV is back! The opening sequence of The Office where Michael, Dwight and Andy are running around knocking everything over and screaming "PARKOUR!" made me pee and it's exactly why I love this show. A few more choice reasons why:

- Creed freaking out because if a rumor gets out that he has asthma then he won't be able to scuba and if he can't scuba then what has he been working toward his whole life.

- The interview with the interns at the end each saying what they learned. "Well, I guess I learned nothing then."

- Andy, pleading: "Michael…am I gay?" I love you, Ed Helms.

- And my favorite line of the entire show which belongs to Oscar: "Is it really my job to comfort insecure heterosexual men? Does that really fall to me?"

Please tell me you guys watched Community. After one episode I am convinced it is and will be the best new show of 2009 and possibly my new favorite show. Holy crap I laughed hysterically from the minute it started. The writing is perfect (there are way too many amazing one liners to write them all down, for example "You seem pretty smart, you got a sport coat"), the cast is perfect, Joel McHale is perfect, and I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that Chevy Chase is on my TV again. Did you see how he introduced everyone in the study group? And when Joel McHale told everyone to look to the person to their left, he did a quick glance down at his hands to figure out which way that was. If you blinked you missed it, and it's all so classic Chevy Chase and so exactly why the man is a genius. I am elated to get to see him every week. Plus, they ended the show with a remake of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" and dedicated it to John Hughes. Perfect.

Only like 17 more months until Lost comes back.


Idea #527 said...

I haven't gotten to watch Community yet because I had kickball at 9pm last night! Office was freaking hysterical!!

Carly said...

go watch the preview on abc website for the first episode of grey's anatomy (this coming thursday)

oy... have tissue handy...

Crofton Bloghouse said...

never forget to use the power of You'll never miss anything.That last episode of the office was stellar. no doubt.

Party Tard said...

Just reading this blog about that episode made me laugh ridiculously hard. God, that was a good episode..