Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Found

Holy crap. You guys, I'm gonna need a day to recap this one. But I will say this : That was some of the best television I have ever seen. It was so good, and so much about the ending was so poetically perfect that I am going to overlook some major holes/wtf's and do what I did for (almost) 6 seasons: just enjoy.

Let me gather my thoughts (and emotions-for realz, y'all) on this then we shall discuss. Oh but I do have three words for you:


Did you hear a loud scream at some point tonight? It was me when they showed him floating in the water alive. Yes. YES, LOST.

Yeah I'm probably not going to sleep tonight. Recap tomorrow.


Coolerboy said...

Lost Finale: It seemed to wrap up the story without really answering questions. I enjoyed it, but found myself still feeling a little empty afterwards.

allijag said...

Um, yeah - I cant wait for your recap (and thought that to myself like 5 times during the show yesterday - sorry if that's creepy)

But there were a lot of wtf points (Rose and Bernard?!?) - but OMG that scene at the end with the dog...why did the writers want to rip my heart out and stomp on it? it was so emotional, i just bawled and bawled!

Fizzgig said...

I had butterflies in anticipation! I really enjoyed the ending, because if they explained it id have said thats not RIGHT! It left so much room for interpretation.

tell me you tivod kimmel? that was a good recap too!

Nessa, Nanook and Pooka said...

I thought of you during the Kimmel bit where they replayed all the "touching" scenes from lost while playing Debbie F*ing Gibson's "I Get Lost In Your Eyes."

I was 98% sure you were responsible, somehow, for the soundtrack choice.