Thursday, May 06, 2010

Today's injury

I was in the shower and grabbed the razor to shave. I stuck it behind my head to put it under the shower head so I could rinse it off and as I did, I totally nicked my chin. It immediately started bleeding. I immediately started laughing. I was like, "Oh my God-I'm totally going to have to put a little piece of toilet paper on my face." I cut my face shaving my legs, you guys.

My friend Dan's reaction to this story: "Oh I was wondering what the hell happened to your face."


P.S. I got an email from a store I sometimes shop at, and this was the subject line: "Introducing Z. Cavaricci Couture!‏" Am I in junior high again? Will the next email be about Skidz?


Johnny Virgil said...

this line: "I cut my face shaving my legs, you guys."

made me laugh out loud. Bravo.

Biscuit said...

I"m with Virgil...i just lol'd all over the place.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow accident prone Clevelander, I think we may need to develop a support group.

And I got the same email... Too bad I already got rid of all my hypercolor and IOU shirts - I have nothing to go with the pants.


Chris said...

I cut my eyebrow shaving one day. Scratched my nose with the wrong hand.

LoveFromMN said...

Forward me that email... I have an Espirit bag begging to go with those jeans, a BUM equipment sweatshirt, and some LA Gears.

the grumbles said...

over the weekend, i was shaving. imagine that!

ok, but the story gets better.

in between legs i usually stick my razor in my mouth to hold it while i can apply shave gel and whatever.

this weekend i stuck it in there blade first.


Fizzgig said...

omg now that is the best one ive heard in a while.

i dont even really know what cotoure means. other than expensive