Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thunder Magnus update

So I have several posts almost finished but not finished enough so I can promise that this week, you will hear some good stories.  You will not, however, be seeing the pictures from said stories because I have seen them, and they are, how you say, incriminating.

Have a look at the latest pic of my nephew:

This was taken at week 29.  She's currently at 31 weeks.  He moves all night long and barely moves during the day which is really convenient for when my sister is trying to sleep.  Also every time my parents are around and want to feel him, he stops moving.  Saturday Diane kept poking her stomach and saying, "Come on.  Grandma wants to feel you."  And I was like, "Stop poking him."  And Diane was like, "He needs to toughen up."  Already being pressured by Mom while still in the womb.  Good luck, kiddo.  At dinner on Saturday, my dad walked up to Diane, patted her on the belly and said, "Hey, tubby." 

Only 2 more months until I get to meet the little stinker, spoil him and then give him back to his parents when he starts to whine and/or poop.  Drew put all the furniture together, and I asked Diane what else they had to do to get ready.  She said, "Organize all the stuff in his room, pick a name, learn how to take care of a baby."  Awesome.

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