Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Baby Baby

Hey, gang (this is how my dad would greet you).  As you can see from my post earlier today, I have a new toy/boyfriend.  I bought myself a Droid 2.  It is amazing.  I am so obsessed with it I almost died 3 times today because I wasn't paying attention while I was walking.  You guys, for real, there's a very real chance I will never do anything else again. 

Warning:  It's about to get girly up in here.  It's time for a nephew update.  He is due in 15 days.  I am so excited I could throw up.  As of October 15th, the doctor predicted he weighed 6lb 2oz.  Also he jams his butt up into Diane's ribs and punches her in her va-jay-jay.  He is also laying on her bladder so she has to pee every 2 hours.  Pregnancy sounds fun.

We had the baby shower a few weeks ago.  The theme was the same theme they picked for their bedding.  Drew wanted jungle animals, and Diane wanted sports because she's kind of a boy.  So they found bedding that is jungle animals playing sports.  It is adorable.  Everything baby is adorable.  I predict I will be taking out a second mortgage on my home and/or selling my body for money by July of next year because I cannot stop buying presents for Thunder.

Anywho, the shower.  We put up some of the wallpaper border that matches the bedding in the party room so everyone could see what it looks like.  This was my idea, and it is essentially the most creative idea I've ever had. You can see the wallpaper here under the mantle:

Our centerpieces were all these stuffed jungle animals holding balls (ahahahaha-grow up, you guys).  They were holding footballs, soccer balls and basketballs, and then we had green and blue balloons tied to them.  For the favors we made my mom's famous cut out cookies in the shape of hippos, elephants and giraffes.

Drew's mom got the cake.  The woman who made it is amazing because this seriously looks exactly like the bedding. 

Diane and Drew were both ridiculously cute babies.  That's my sis on the left and Drew on the right.

Check out this lady...

She has grown exponentially since then.  Basically what I'm saying is, she is huge.  I mean it's only her belly that is big, but it. is. huuuuge.

Look what I made while we were making the cookies:

Ahahahaha-The Hippo Centipede.


Russ said...

I had my Droid when the wife was pregnant. There are apps for that. Check out ones for contractions (so you know how far apart, averages, and stuff -- nothing a pregnant lady wants more than her support personnel toting electronics), and then there are growth graphs so you can see how the baby is doing against the competition.

Also, download Wordfeud. I have not yet lost a game of fake scrabble on it, but I also haven't played anyone I know.

Fizzgig said...

you know for like a split second i didnt have the horrible human centipede vision in my head, worse yet, the poor dog centipede. now, i can add the rhino centipede.

only this one looks delicious.

hmm the droid. i am so torn between the droid and a blackberry. maybe ill procrastinate enough and something new will come out.