Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Picture time

Saturday my family and I went to Amish country.  Can I just say every time I go there I spend the next few nights sitting up worrying about the Amish people getting hit by cars?  Come on, Amish people!  Please build your buggies out of something more sturdy!  We spent several hours going to stores and eating amazing Amish food, and this is the only picture I took.  Because I am a 13 year old boy.

A couple Sundays ago we threw my sister and Drew a baby shower.  It was really fun-especially when Drew, in all sincerity, called a teething ring a "chew toy".  Please check out what I got them:

Holy crap.  Look I know I'm the one who bought it so I am biased, but I seriously can't even deal with how awesome that is.  I sent this picture to my friend Sudha, and he wrote back, "Oh man that is awesome!!  Can you imagine how old those guys will be when we take him to his first concert?" 

Three weeks ago, we went to a Browns game.  I parked in the street at my sister's place and rode down with them.  When we got back to the house, there was a note on my sister's door.  You can probably guess where this is going.  Diane's neighbor backed into my brand new car.  I was so sad, I couldn't even go look at it so Drew volunteered to.  To be fair, the woman who hit it came running out when we pulled up and apologized profusely.  Plus she left a note.  A lot of people wouldn't have done that.  She was very sweet, and I could tell she was upset.  I obviously wasn't mad at her.  I mean seriously-with my driving history?  I have no room to be angry at anyone.  While it was being fixed, I had a rental car.  You guys, I have spent time on this blog making fun of the Chevy HHR. I have spent lots of time in real life making fun of the Chevy HHR.  Have a look at my rental car:

I asked the guy if they had anything else at all for me to drive, and he laughed in my face.  Oh no wait-that was karma.  Okay, I'm sure there are some Chevy HHR drivers out there, and in no way am I saying you and I couldn't be friends or that I would love you any less because you drive one of these.  That being said...what's wrong with you?  This car sucks more than anything has ever sucked before.  Do we even need to talk about the body style?  I mean, come on.  And now that I have driven it, I can say with 100% confidence:  This is the worst car ever invented.  The windows are so small, I couldn't see anything around me.  If I was at a stop light, I had to bend over so I could see when it turned green because my eyeline was literally above the top of the windshield.  When I changed lanes on the highway, I flipped on the signal, said a prayer, and went for it.  Meg sat in it, got out, walked up to me and said, "There are an awful lot of blind spots in that car.  I'm not sure how I feel about you driving it."  That's from Meg.  Not my mom. 

Obviously the first thing I did when I got the car was call my sister.  I was like, "I feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me."  She goes, "They are."

As I mentioned we went to a Browns game.  Well each year when it's time to buy tickets, it's a really stressful clusterfuck because we always have a bigger group and you can only get 4 tickets at a time and we have to organize who's buying what, etc.  This year, Diane called the group sales area to see if we could just buy all our tickets at once.  Group sales are usually used by actual groups-like charities and churches and Browns backers from other cities.  But they said if we could get enough people, then we could do it.  Well we ended up with 27 people going, and the group sales made it so we all got to sit together which was amazing.  The other thing about buying tickets through group sales?  They put the name of your group on the Jumbotron.  When Diane bought the tickets, they asked her what the name of our group was:

That's right.  She said "Diane's Friends".  I love my sister.


Leslee said...

I just found you through 15 minute lunch! Love the Def Leppard onesie!!! Wish I had found that when my kids were little. Your blog is hilarious!!!

Fizzgig said...

dianes friends is an awesome group name! very 80s! Can you sing?

the hhr. ha! when me and that slimebag ex of mine went to the beach, and had reserved a nice reasonably sized, stylish chevy cobalt.....they gave us the hhr. How do the two compare, other than they are made by chevy? doncha got anything smaller?

let me tell you it was super awesome cruising the beach in an hhr! im sorry you dont get to experience that.

Biscuit said...

OMG, the "Diane's Friends" part.... I love you guys.

Melanie said...

The HHR...how horrible! I ended up with one of those too when my car was being fixed. I hated it! And I guess it hated me too because the first day I had it, I went to the store and when I came back out, the key wouldn't unlock the door. There was no key fob and not other way to unlock it. I had to call roadside assistance so they could send someone out to pop the lock. The next morning I went back to the car rental agency and made them give me a new car.

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