Friday, January 21, 2011

Thought I should tell you about my last weekend since it's now next weekend

Friday we went to happy hour.  Our new friend Claire was there.  Matt and Woody met Claire at a bar, and she is so lovely they invited her out to meet everyone.  She is awesome.  Since she was new, we completely behaved ourselves.  And by that I mean we told her embarassing drunk stories and Steph brought up...okay I can't write it.  I thought I would just link to a definition of it, but I don't feel comfortable even typing it into Google.  Seriously I'm like a prude 7th grader at this point.  So yeah suffice it to say, it's a sexual act that, as a group, we decided was pretty lame.  It involves a man and a woman...and boobs.  Okay I can't say anything else.  I feel my face getting hot and blushy.  Let me just be clear and say that this is not something we have ever talked about, yet, Steph brought it up three times in 2 weeks.  Once on New Year's Eve, once a week later and then again in front of our new friend Claire who I'm quite certain thinks we are drunken deviants.

Despite that, however, she showed up on Saturday for game night.  She must be a glutton for punishment.  Also she sat by me, and I would not let her take a break from telling me her life story.  I can be very pushy when I have decided I want to be friends with someone.  I will get in your face until you like me dammit.  Also can I just say Pictionary rules.  If you haven't played lately, I suggest you do.  Watching your friends figure out how to draw things is the best thing ever.  For example, Sharda had to draw "ice chest", and she drew ice (I don't remember how) and then drew huuuuge boobs.  It was X-rated and brilliant because we guessed it.  I had to draw "New Jersey", and I drew the United States and circled approximately where I thought New Jersey might be.  It's on the right, right?  By the way, my picture of the US excluded Florida.  Like I just forgot it was there.  Then I drew this:

'What the hell is that?' you're asking.  If you're Matt, you yell out "New Jersey!" because you have immediately figured out that that is Snookie.  Greatest drawing ever?  Maybe.  You can see my Pictionary drawing skills match my MS Paint skills.

Sunday was poker night at my friend Mike's house where I met an awesome hairdresser who told me I had pretty hair then I got wasted and called a bunch of my coworkers-including several managers-pussies.  I'm expecting a pink slip soon.*

Monday was book club which involved lots of wine, girl talk, TV talk and hot guy talk. Oh and book talk.  That's never the focus of our book club, though.  I mean let's get serious.  This book was about the Holocaust so it was a real laugh riot. 

Since I've been a bad blogger-I think maybe I have writer's block, no joke-here is a bonus picture of me as a kid executing the greatest cartwheel ever:

Just look at that form.  I mean one of my feet is even off the ground a little bit.  Prodigy!  P.S. My sister was wearing the same leotard in pink.  Also we had matching legwarmers. 

*Just kidding, Mom and Dad.


Amanda Foote said...

You are just so awesome.

John said...

she's not really kidding mom and dad. well at least not about the part where she called managers pussies

Fizzgig said...

snookie? it looks like the human caterpillar to me. We all had adult pictionary after xmas, it was so much fun, especially splitting into boys vs girls, theyd get mad when we got hard words with two dots and a line. what?...we really CAN read minds, they still dont get it do they?

Glen Feulner said... the hell was that snookie?