Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Valentine's Day, another bottle of wine consumed

Happy Valentine's Day!  Yes, it's a stupid holiday.   But my cold heart was warmed tonight when I went to dinner with my friends and cuddled with my perfect nephew.  He's so cute, it's painful.  He smiles all the time now, has huge beautiful dimples and a butt chin, and when you lean in to kiss him he opens his mouth.  It's slobbery and amazing. 

Saturday, in honor of VD (you guys are gross), we bar hopped and shared stories of all the kids who broke our hearts when we were little.  For example, Bryan B. totally checked "No" when I asked him to go with me in 5th grade.  And in 2nd grade, Mike M. dumped Steph because she had red hair which he said was "ugly"-even though he had red hair, too.  Uncool, Mike!  Many, many, many, many drinks were consumed and lots of fun was had.  Also Steph and I totally looked like slutty moms-lots of cleavage paired with cardigans.  Listen I don't want to give up showing off the ladies, but also I'm cold.  Thus "Inappropriate PTA Mom" (that's what I called myself.)

Okay random stuff:

- Go see "The King's Speech".  It's wonderful and feel good, and the acting is literally as good as it gets. 

- "This is not my generation." - Our friend's girlfriend, while walking off the dance floor at a birthday party, 10 seconds after "This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan started playing and 5 seconds after Diane, Drew, Matt, Woody and I were like, "Yeah!  Now we're talking!  Awesome song!"

- Hey.  I have a serious question:


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Fizzgig said...

any song contained on an mtv party to go cd is worth dancing to! Which, this is how we do it is....

my cold heart was warmed by my dog who decided that playing with a washrag was super fun, when ive bought him 800 toys to get him to love toys.