Friday, April 15, 2011

Words of the day

supermassive black hole - noun - the largest type of black hole, formed when two or more galaxies collide.

Example 1: At the center of the milky way sits a supermassive black hole.
Example 2: The song "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse kicks serious ass.

superboyband - noun - the largest type of boy band, formed when two or more amazing boy bands, picked directly out of Sarah's dreams, collide.

Example 1: The New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys have come together to form a superboyband called NKOTBSB.
Example 2: I am so excited to see the superboyband, NKOTBSB, on tour and to hear their new album (!) that I think I need a change of underwear.
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Fizzgig said...

im super sad if you tell me that nkotb really is collaborating with bsb.

this is like tiffany and debbie gibson territory man, this isnt right!

Sarah said...

Fizzgig, are you crazy? Nothing could be more right!

Johnny Virgil said...

New Kids on the Backstreet Boys sounds a little dodgy.

Nessa, Nanook and Pooka said...



It deserves all the caps, okay? Joey McIntyre will be appearing on a future episode of Psych. OMFG!

Sheri said...

okay I have to say it....NKOTBSB - does this not equate to NEW KIDS ON THE BACK STREET BOYS! Seriously...WTH! although that would be hawt! LMAO