Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm a pretty together person

What I was wearing when the cable people showed up at my house 2 hours early yesterday:

- bright red flannel reindeer pajama pants
- Strongsville Mustangs t-shirt; minimum 22 years old
- no bra
- giant nerd glasses that I only wear when I'm alone at night to watch TV

Luckily I had taken off the tiara to answer the door (seriously).

Also last night I drank a bottle of wine and was drunk by 6:15pm. By myself. Then I attempted to cook and do the treadmill. Good thing no one had a video camera, or I'd already be on YouTube. Also good thing it wasn't a Tuesday night, and I'm not an alcoholic.

I just went to the bathroom and realized my underwear is on inside out.

This is my new happy song: "Watching the Sky" - Jesse Harris. It fills me with an intense yearning for spring. I'm not sure why, but seriously can spring get here already? This song wins my award for Best Use of Brass Instruments Since "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" by Phil Collins.

I don't know if any of you watch "Reaper", but it happens to be one of my favorite shows, and last night there was a scene with Ray Wise, who plays the devil, dancing by a Firebird to "You're the Best Around" from Karate Kid. I know, right? Why aren't you watching this show?

Okay I'm finally caught up on "Lost". Holy shit I missed a lot in 3 weeks. Okay here's my quick reaction to the two episodes before tonight:

Kate and Jack making out/having sex = holy effing awesome. I was totally nervous when they all got on the plane. Why were Hurley and Sayid there? Why did Ben have the crap beat out of him? Kate's annoying and a drama queen. Newsflash: you are hot and have hot men after you including Jack Shephard: Hottest Man Alive. The least you could do is smile once in a while. Holy poopsticks-Frank's the pilot! I've decided Lost isn't complete without some Fahey action. Locke's broken leg with the bone sticking out and the subsequent setting of that leg made me almost pass out from how awful it was. All of Whidmore and Ben's wheelings and dealings are giving me a headache. Why does the island need Locke? Why is Walt special? Why is Walt 37? Why did Ben talk Locke out of killing himself only to stage his suicide? Why is Ben pure evil? I swear to baby Jesus if everyone keeps telling Locke how important he is and then we get to the end of the series and he's not important I will hunt down all the Lost writers and producers and deliver a swift kick to the trachea to each of them.

Okay so tonight...

- So they're stuck in the 70's. I think I'd want to be stuck in the 80's if I had to be stuck somewhere. Okay fine I'm already stuck in the 80's.

- Sawyer needs hair product. The only thing worse than Sawyer's hair sans product is Horace's hair. Yikes.

- I'm having trouble with the pregnant lady being married to anyone but Tony Almeida. Like I'm sorry your hubby's dead on this show, Michelle, but your real hubby is still alive over on "24" and he is saving the world with Jack Bauer because he is a badass sexy mofo.

- Juliet + Sawyer = Definitely doing it in 2009. or 1974. Whatever-they are totally gonna do it. <-- That is what I wrote right before I was proved 100% correct in every single way. Do not mess with me on matters of who is going to jump in the sack together! I know what I'm talking about. Wait what? They love each other? Okay I didn't really see that happening, but wow-I really like that. It's nice to see them both happy. Damn you, Juliet, for making me like you.

- Sawyer talking about Kate: "She's just gone and she ain't never coming back." Uh-oh!

- Oh God now Kate will ruin everything for Sawyer and Juliet. Bah!

- Where is Daniel Faraday?

- Okay so there are the Dharma folks and the natives. Both, as far as we are concerned, are Others. Ben was with Dharma then switched sides-that's how the natives won originally. But how are they natives if they were with the army? Explain this. I don't get it. My brain can't handle the jumbledness of this show (yeah I just made up a word) so if someone can lay it out for me that would be great.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't they just find little Ben and throttle him? I mean, that's what I would do. No Ben, no Purge, no plane crash. I like the Dharma people. They have a nice groove to them. I have been a Kate-hater from way back, so I appreciate your drama queen comment. I also think Juliet is a cool chick (sorry, I know you disagree) who is way smarter, more caring, and loads hotter than Kate. That last descriptor was added by my husband, but I tend to agree. Now Kate's going to screw it up with her "but, ALL the boys are supposed to love me" antics. Yuk. She should end up with no one.


Fizzgig said...

hmmm i dont think workouts and wine go together, one or the other from now on.

I think they will figure a way to save the island and not have anything bad happen....aka they'll kill ben. he only kept locke alive to get the info out of him he needed. Cant wait til he sees he is still alive. teeee heeeee.

how long has richard been time traveling? forever. Why isnt his brain fried?

And horace was in the pit of dead people, and in lockes trip to find jacobs cabin in repeat mode. Maybe he is Jacob. Cus, why was horace, (the mathemetician????) the one "in charge" of everyone, why did he deal with the newcomers?

Nessa said...

Dude, the reason Ben was all beat up was because he went to kill Penny. Remember when he said he had a "Promise to keep"? Yeah. The promise to kill Widmore's daughter. Obviously Penny/Desmond put up a fight.

Sassy Blondie said...

This just all isn't moving fast enough for me on Lost!

Erin Jeannine said...

Ben went to kill Penny?!?!? Did I miss something? I didn't know he would want to kill Penny.

Um...can the writers cut me a little slack on the craziness of this show and add Richard to the tangled love/sex mess? If he has sexy time with some other chick on the show, I can pretend to be her. It's just a waste that he's such a minor part of every show.