Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still kickin' it in the Cleve

Guys, the pace at which I am living my life the past couple months is something I literally cannot sustain for much longer. I am headed toward a major nervous breakdown from being entirely burned out. That being said, St. Patrick's Day was awesome. It was just Meg, Steph and I this year-a sad commentary on just how old we are getting, but it was still great. Obviously I was drunk by 11:15am thanks to Meg and her ordering me doubles. Plus we got to see a bagpipe band, and let me just say this right now: I would totally make out with a dude who played the bagpipes. I mean, unfortunately, this group was a mix of 70 year olds and 18 year olds, but if we can find a bagpiper in the middle somewhere, I am all over that. Steph brought us these stickers that we could put on people's drinks. They said things like Cool, Dirty, Captain, Scandalous, Fabulous, etc. It was fun handing them out. But later that night I did wake up on Drew and Diane's couch with the label Bitch on my arm. Drew, Sharda, Matt, Cube and Laura met us out for dinner at which time Meg, Steph and I serenaded them with "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston. Then I fell asleep at the table, and Steph suddenly had to throw up. So it was nighty-night time for us by 7pm which is a-okay with me as I am, ahem, 30+ and have a full time job and drank my weight in vodka.

Here are some random thoughts for you:- I just bought Kelly Clarkson's new album, and I have this to say: Kelly, I pledge my eternal devotion to you. My life would suck without you (I totally sang that out loud just now).

- I'm so deeply upset by Natasha Richardson passing away that I really can't talk about it. I'm praying for her family. Those poor kids. Her poor hot husband. Ugh it's too much.

- I didn't watch "Lost" obviously because I am never effing home, but how about a couple of "Lost" related facts?

1. I went to see the play Spring Awakening with my mom last week, and for the whole first half of the play I was watching one of the main guys like, "How do I know that guy? He looks like that guy from "Lost"." And then I found out, he totally is that guy from "Lost". Which guy? Carl. Remember Carl? Alex's boyfriend? Yeah apparently he's also in musicals. He has a good voice, a unique kind of New Found Glory-ish voice. Sidenote review of the musical: It was...interesting. I'm not sure how I felt about it. The music was fantastic (and written by Duncan Sheik! What?), but the story itself was...meh. I think my problem was that it couldn't decide what kind of play it wanted to be. A raunchy sex comedy or an intense drama? It started out as the former and took a decidedly dark turn which didn't fit with the mood they were originally trying to create. I am all for dark stories-all genres are important-but this just didn't flow for me. The performances were absolutely astounding, though. I was thoroughly impressed. I mean I'm pretty much a gay man so any day at the theater is a pretty good day.

2. Did you know that Sawyer was originally going to be played by Forest Whitaker? Wha??? Yeah, um, talk about a completely different show. Kate and Forest...doing it in a bear cage? Does not compute.

They're laying off a ton of people at my company yesterday and today. Everyone cross your fingers I don't get the boot and also that they don't find the porn on my work laptop*.

*That was a joke, Mom and Dad.


Rachie said...

Forest Whitaker?! FOREST WHITAKER?!

Ew. No.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to mention when you and I needed to be taken home by our lovely driver to sleep and throw up respectively, Meg was done too. She walked home from the restaurant alone (she couldn't wait for a cab). So she stumbled the mile or more home in a giant green fuzzy hat and low cut shirt through the rough neighborhoods so she could get cake at the grocery store next to her house. Fantastic display of safety and control on all our parts. -Steph

Erin Jeannine said...

Your St. Patty's sounds awesome. I worked and then studied for finals. I rule. In my defense, I leave tomorrow night for Paris and London, so I will drink enough to make up for it.

Forest Whitaker? Really? I think that may have been a misprint. I want it to be a misprint. Please let it have been a misprint.

Fizzgig said...

omg you didnt watch so you dont know the ennnnnnding which is the best part ever! argh!

My st pattys day blew, i watched dancing with the stars.

Sassy Blondie said...

Good luck on not getting sacked, Sarah! I'm sure you are far too valuable.

Glad you enjoyed your St. Patrick's Day.

And Forest Whitaker as Sawyer? Hmm...that's odd. And disturbing.

Thatgirl7278 said...

I have always been a Kelly Clarkson fan, even back from when she was on American Idol. Love her!

And yeah, I also was heart broken about Natasha Richardson. I feel for Liam Neeson too. I keep picturing him from the role he played in "Love Actually" when his movie wife passed away... and that was just a movie, and it still broke my heart. So sad.

shine (the artist formerly known as meshealle) said...

I don't even understand Forest Whitaker as Sawyer. My brain cannot computer.