Monday, July 13, 2009

The Neverending Story: Steph's Life

Update on Steph's recent activities (sorry, Steph, but if you aren't going to blog about them then I have to-the world needs to know):

- She went berry picking in the city, under a bridge, at night. Incidentally this is the second time she's gone berry picking this summer. Note: we don't live in pioneer times.

- She went to a Josh Ritter concert with a friend who's a fan. After the concert she was leaning up against a wall while her friend bought a poster and stole the song list. She was approached by a man she sort of recognized, but she couldn't place him. It was Josh Ritter. She had just watched him sing on a stage for 2 hours and "couldn't place him". Somehow they ended up talking to each other in Irish accents, and then he invited her and her friend backstage and they hung out on the tour bus.

- She was bored one Sunday so she hopped in the car and started driving east. An hour and a half later, she pulled off the highway, found an old fashioned soda shop and shortly thereafter ended up on a 2 and a half hour self guided tour of Ohio's covered bridges with 4 senior citizens that she did not know. Look-I can't explain Steph, I can only inform you of her exploits.

- And the latest...she got us included in a golf scramble* put together by a guy we do not know. Now to be fair, John and Keith really invited us (after Steph told them how much she would enjoy going) because it's their friend from high school. It's not like we met a stranger and got invited. But the guy who runs the scramble comes home from Oregon like once a year to do this with his friends and family so we had no business being there. Oh but we were. We totally crashed it. We played in the golf scramble and then Shamus, the guy who put it together, invited us back to his parents' house for a cookout where we brought no food and no drinks to offer them. We are horrible. Also my team won the scramble, and they included my name on the annual winners plaque. I am such an intruder! We really didn't feel right being there, but everyone was so welcoming and lovely and yelled at us for apologizing for not bringing anything and said they expected to see us next year. Also when we went to leave, Shamus's mom told Steph she couldn't leave without drinking this coffee she got from Hawaii. She brought it out, poured it in a mug for her and then told her to just take the mug with her. They would "get it later". She just handed Steph, a girl she had just met, her dishware to take with her. Also one of the guys that was on my team friended me on Facebook. I LOVE these people, you guys. After that we went back to John's house where we immediately walked over to his neighbor's house and crashed the party that he was having. Apparently Steph and I just don't wait for invitations anymore. We just show up. They will probably make a hit movie about us starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

P.S. One of the women at the party just opened up a bakery called Blackbird Baking Company in Lakewood with her husband. She brought a bunch of different breads and desserts from the shop, and I almost died of an overdose of awesome. Everyone in the Cleveland area needs to go there. They have, literally, the most delicious peanut butter cookies I have ever eaten. I also ate olive bread (scrumptious) and something chocolate (mouth watering). But seriously, you guys-the peanut butter cookies (I saw God).

*A quick note on Steph's past golf experience. She had a set of clubs, played once, got pissed and gave them away to her best friend in Pittsburgh. A month ago, she wanted to go to the driving range with Matt and Woody so she showed up with 4 clubs she bought at Goodwill. Saturday, on the way to my house to pick me up to go to the scramble, she stopped at Walmart to buy a set of clubs. They didn't have them, but she bought a bag. So she showed up at my house with a new golf bag, 4 old clubs and like 2 golf umbrellas. I love Steph.


Anonymous said...

Wow, when you tell my stories they seem weird. Point of clarification in case Josh is reading this, while he did approach me after the show and became my bff (people all over Cleveland took his picture chatting away with me so there is proof in stranger's cameras) we did not go on the bus. We had a drink in the back closed bar, then went home. Also I am not mad you tell my stories, but furious you said I was at Walmart! I am not a Walmart shopper, if the liberals find out they will kick me out of the club! It was a one time emergency shopping trip. Finally, I want vince v to play me in the movie version. -steph

shine said...

I'm not sure, but I think this Steph and I might have been separated at birth. I'm also really jealous that I did not get to go on the covered bridge tour. I love covered bridges!

Fizzgig said...

My favorite was ending up on a guided tour.......

this stuff seems like it could be molded into a thelma and louise type movie, without thelma.