Thursday, December 24, 2009

We need a director. You need involvement.

This is an email I just sent to my team:

To: OKS' team
From: OKS
Subject: Today's quitting time

Hi, team! Workin' hard or hardly workin'? <-- That is exactly how my dad would start this email.

Anyway, [Team Lead] confirmed that we are free to leave at 1:30 today so please log off or take off at that time. Just a reminder-I will be out of the office all next week. I'll have my Blackberry so you can reach me in an emergency.

Everyone please have fun, safe and happy holidays! See you next year! <-- That is exactly how my mom would end this email.

This is also exactly why I will never move up the corporate ladder.

I am currently working at home because two lights on my dashboard came on last night. My car's a Christmas miracle!'s a piece of shit! Sorry-got my sayings mixed up there.

Anyway, the good part about my car being horrible is that I am now working from home. Which means I am watching "Charlie Brown Christmas" while I work. And also blogging. Is there no end to how valuable I am to this company?

I just wanted to hop on here and make sure I bitch about my car. Oh no-I mean I wanted to make sure I wish you all a Merry Christmas. For real I hope it's your best one yet, and that you take some time to be thankful for the things you have. Like a working car. Am I putting enough negative energy out there on Christmas Eve yet? Seriously thanks to all of you who read this. You complete me.

One more thing...on Saturday the Okay Seriously family is going to Florida for a week. Please take a moment to eat it, bitches (Merry Christmas!). I don't know if I'll be able to post while there, but I'll definitely be Twittering. If you have done the math, that means I will be in Florida over New Year's. I will miss my friends greatly, but the thought of not having to make New Year's plans is making me giddy. New Year's sucks.

My car = suck
Working from home = rule
Christmas = rule
New Year's = suck
Florida = rule
You guys = rule

Rule wins!

Merry, merry Christmas, everybody! Be safe, be grateful, be overeating, be pantsless (indoors only), be drunk and most of all be happy! For those of you that don't celebrate Christmas, be all of those things, too, and Merry December 25th!


Elizabeth said...

Sarah, you'll be in my state! Enjoy the weather. If you're near Miami, you will not like the traffic. Just sayin'. Happy New Year, funniest blogger ever! ;)

Fizzgig said...

florida. gee, i bet you are super sad you missed the snowstorm. I know I'd be unconsolable!

hope you had a super christmas.

Lindsay said...

Okay - so I hopped on over here from redacted, and I just finished reading every blog in your archive. You've really helped me waste countless hours at work over the past month - so congrats, not only are you responsible for declining productivity at your own office, but you're now actually lowering the productivity of those in other states. It's also possible you caused me to pee my pants with your whole vasectomy reaction at the radio gig. Thanks for all the laughs!