Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Things I have been up to

Going to Chinato, the new Italian restaurant on E. 4th. It was outstanding, though the service was s-l-o-w. However, I think that was on purpose, and we really weren't in a hurry so it was fine. The food was fantastic.

Going to Chocolate Bar. Things I ordered and/or tasted: Snickerbocher Mud, Dirty Girl Scout, Chocolate Chocolate Mint martini, Peanut Butter Cup martini, Chocolate Banana Cream Pie martini. Things I recommend because ho. ly. shit. amazing. : all of the above.

Leaning out of the shower with one foot in the tub and one foot out to try and reach my Olay facial cleansing cloth which was on the counter then slipping and falling out of my shower onto the floor. Then writing this to my boss: "Running late due to a shower mishap. Be there soon!"

Celebrating my brother in law, Drew's, 30th birthday by helping my sister throw him a surprise party where I:

- Broke my shot rule by doing one every hour then every half hour then every 20 minutes. (Reminder: my shot rule = I don't do them)

- Bet on a crab race while hammered and had this conversation with the guy running it who was using a GIANT pen to write stuff down:

Me: That's a pretty small pen.
Him: It's my Bill Cosby pen.
Me: Oh.
Him: Okay what do you want to name your crab?
Me: Small Pen

By the way, Small Pen sucked. He was, literally, the only crab that did not move. At all. I know he was alive, too, because the guy sprayed him with water, and he flinched like a little wimpy baby crab. Dammit, Small Pen.

- Saw Tony naked after we got back to Drew's house because he ran downstairs in the buff and ran around the table we were sitting at yelling and dancing. The best part was Matt yelling out in horror, "It touched my coat!" Dammit we miss you, Tony. Can't wait till you come back from Afghanistan for good! Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Liveblogging Lost. Let's do this:

"He's alive. He's aliiiiive!!" Yeah, Sawyer, I know you're sad about Juliet-we all are. But making disparaging remarks about Sayid is not going to bring her back.

- Sideways flash Kate's in the cab. She is being a beeyotch! I mean more than normal. I like how there's no regard for the fact that Claire is pregnant.

- "As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position. So that's pretty great." Awesome, Miles.

- Okay so far Sayid seems very Sayid and not Jacob.

- For people who claim to be protecting our survivors, they sure do love beating them up a lot.

- For some reason, Kate's badassery this episode is coming off as more annoying than impressive. Both on the island and in the alternate reality. Also I love how she stops at an auto mechanic's shop, and happens to run into the one auto mechanic who a) knows how to take off handcuffs and b) won't turn her in.

- Jack and Kate. Semi almost kiss. Look how he looks at her. Amazing. I know it makes no sense that in one sentence I am bitching about her and in the next I want her to be with Jack, but I do. I still believe in them, you guys!

- Holy fuck what is Englishtastesbadonmytongue doing to Sayid!? I will kill him. Also I'm semi-irritated the writers made it so that guy doesn't speak English so that we still don't know what the fuck is going on. Kind of a cheap trick, writers. I will be the flame.

- Okay Sayid didn't pass the test. What test do you think it was? To not cry while someone is poking you with a hot iron? Has anyone passed that test ever? Maybe Jack Bauer.

- Okay, okay. Kate came back for Claire. Feeling a little better about Kate. Aw Claire. I missed you.

- Just realized I'm an effing idiot for not realizing what the flight attendant meant last week about "the first flight". The second flight was the one that brought Locke's body. #sarahfail

- Holy eff that white guy on the trail with Kate and Jin is ANNOYING. Like worse than that dude from last season-Radishman or whatever. Oh! Nice move, Kate! You punch him right in the face! Starting to love the badassery more.

- Mkay so Sayid is infected with "the sickness". What does that mean? Obviously it's what the French people had, right? Hurley just asked Sayid if he was a zombie. I love Hurley.


- Back to hating Kate. Running away to be with Sawyer. I will punch you in your freckles, girly.

- So it looks like Claire was fated to keep Aaron, huh? I can't believe that lady's not going to take the baby even though her husband left her. Didn't she see Juno? If you're still in, I'm still in!

- Poor Sawyer. He can't even grieve for Juliet without Kate getting in his face. At least she tried to do the decent thing and walk away when she saw he needed to be alone. Then of course he saw her and so he has no peace.

- Ah! Scary Dr. Ethan!! Is he going to steal Claire's baby?? Bizarro Ethan doesn't want to stick her with needles. Puh-lease. Man, I really want to like this Ethan. And I do. And it's confusing me. I have inner turmoil. Fun fact: The guy who plays Ethan is Tom Cruise's brother cousin (Thanks, Russ! I fired my fact-checker).

- Whoa-Kate taking responsibility for messing up Juliet and Sawyer's submarine escape? Never thought I'd see the day. Sawyer is making me cry. It's not your fault Juliet is dead, Sawyer! And also-no one is meant to be alone. Don't say that. Oh my GOD. Sawyer was going to ask her to marry him. Why is Lost trying to rip my heart out?

- Holy crap, Jack-give Sayid the pill! Or not-it's poison? Pretty genius of you to swallow it. Englishtastesbadonmytongue totally just freaked out.

- SAYID HAS DARKNESS GROWING IN HIM AND CLAIRE HAD IT, TOO! That makes me incredibly sad. So is Claire dead? Or is she evil?

- Ugh-annoying dude again. I seriously want to-omg for real I was about to say "I seriously want to kill that guy" and then he got shot.

- CLAIRE!! Looking eerily like Rousseau.

Awesome ending! Man I really feel closer to knowing everything now. And by everything I mean nothing. However, as always, riveting stuff. Still love this show for making me so crazy. Need more Desmond next week. Also need to write in complete sentences.


Erin Jeannine said...

I will be the flame. God I love that song. Last episode, Miles was standing/crouching over Sayid's "dead" body and he was kind of tripping out. This episode he was grilling Sayid, "no white light, blah, blah, blah." Something is up with Sayid's "death." I think Miles "heard" something when he was dead and is trying to make sense of it.

Russ said...

Tom Cruise's cousin.

Anonymous said...

I also love that when Jack wanted to talk to Sayid alone, Miles goes, "We'll be in the food court" :) awesome.

The Melanson Crew said...

This show is making me effing nuts! I love it! Another great recap. So . . . is Russo in Claire's body? Who is in Sayid? I think Sayid acted to much like a pansy - "they tortured me" - that is so not Sayid and then when he screamed I have no secrets . . . another weird. Can't wait to figure it out. The dead inhabit other people's bodies? I can't take it . . . spill the beans already LOST! I was really hoping it was Jacob. I agree witht he Miles thing . . . and also what do you mean by the stewardess saying the 2nd flight?

Sarah said...

Erin, good call. Miles tell us what's up!

Russ, thank you! It's been corrected. I suck.

Linds, Miles is seriously awesome.

Melanson, thanks for reading the crazy recaps. Last week I was all confused because when the New Others found our survivors the flight attendant goes, "They were on the first plane. Flight 815." And I was like, "What does she mean the FIRST plane? Was there a second plane?" Then this week it dawned on me that the second plane is the one that brought Locke's body. Duh, Sarah!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

you've been a busy lady!!

Fizzgig said...

get up come on get down with the sickness....oh. well remember danielle killed everyone cus they had the sickness? whatever it is, doesnt sound like your odds of living will be good...?

omgomgomg i saw chocolate bar on the news. that 95.5 the fish lady whatever her name is pretended not to drink a chocolate martini "oh i didnt drink it he he he" who the hell cares?

anyone wonder why the first episode had a white background and black words? anyone? usually its black and white.

could be the whole good evil light dark thing????????

Georgia said...

You have so much happenings you've been for the week. I love that show, thinking what gonna be happened, and who's who makes me think and wait for the next episode. - Beta Alanine Pro