Friday, June 25, 2010

A quick letter to the ghost that is obviously living in my house

Dear ghost,

What's up? I just wanted you to know that I know you're here. There's no way that picture fell off the wall on its own. When I saw it on the ground, I knew immediately that there was no other explanation. Diane doesn't believe you exist. She says there's some sort of other "reasonable" explanation, but I know better. I was totally watching "The Sixth Sense" before you threw my picture to the ground. I get it.

So welcome to the condo. I realize you have your choice in houses to haunt, and I appreciate that you chose mine.

Oh and one more thing-I don't know if you go back to your ghost friends at night or if maybe you go to ghost work, but if so, could you not tell anyone that after the picture "fell" I called my sister and made her stay on the phone with me as I walked upstairs brandishing a pair of scissors? That is really embarassing. I have my super badass image to protect. Um...I can hear you laughing.



Fizzgig said...

you should totally set up a video camera. with NIGHT vision, and try to catch the anomoly!

Wait, this wasn't on Tuesday was it? Earthquake?

Chris said...

Is it black smoke? It could be black smoke. Maybe just a little wisp, like maybe a dragonfly went down in the light hole.

Diane said...

Thanks Fizzgig...
Apparently to my sister she thinks it makes more sense that it was a ghost instead of an EARTHQUAKE!!