Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thoughts floating through my mind

So to be perfectly honest I don't give a crap about the royal family. I mean it was sad and shocking when Princess Di was killed but mostly because she had two small boys who loved her and needed her, and it was heartbreaking that she had to leave them so soon. But I just watched those formerly small boys on the "Today" show, and I need to ask this: when in the hell did they become grown up and wickedly hot? Holy crap are you kidding me? Perhaps I should be watching the royal family more closely in the future. You know just so I know when Harry gets his hot little red-headed self over to the states. I'm sure he's into 30 year old chubby chicks who know nothing about England and are pretty sure Cricket is just a fancy version of Croquet.

Yesterday I was following a car into work that said "Channel 3 News" on it, and the only thing I could think about the entire time was, 'If I ram the back of this car will I be on the news?'

We went to see The Fray on Monday. They were excellent. I was so impressed. Mae and OK Go were the openers, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, too. I think I need to come to the realization that at every concert I attend I'm either going to be at least 10 years older than the crowd/band or 30 years younger than the crowd/band. This time it was the former. Can I just ask the parents of high school girls something right now: Are you aware that the skirts your daughters wear out in public are about one bend-over away from showing their va-jay-jays to the entire world? Or do they change in the bathroom after you drop them off?

I made some progress toward becoming an adult this weekend:
1. I put together a table and chairs by myself. Kiss my ass, Bob Vila
2. I learned how to stir fry vegetables. Listen I know it's probably easy for everyone, but for me, this is a big deal. I mean I messed it up the first time so I had to throw those away. But the second time I totally nailed it. If you guys need anything stir fried you just let me know. Well it has to be either carrots or zucchini at this point. I don't know how to stir fry anything else. But still. I am like Rachael Ray. Like a more retarded version of Rachael Ray.

I was in a meeting yesterday in a conference room with the biggest table I have ever seen. It had to be minimum 15 feet across. All I wanted to do was get up and roll around on it while singing "Cherish" by Madonna. What was I just saying about becoming an adult?

Public Enemy #1. This little effer keeps eating my effing flowers, and IT'S PISSING ME OFF.


urban princess said...

I watched the Dateline interview with William and Harry Monday night. I completely agree with you, they're damn hot. Harry is hotter than William but I'm not picky.

Congrats on mastering the stir frying of carrots and/or zucchini. You're ahead of me.

CruiserMel said...

I always thought Wills was the good-looking one, but man, was I wrong! Harry is c-u-t-e now. When did that happen? I love how they interact with eachother. Like humans! Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

"Real" Furniture does not need to be put together.


Bob Vila

Nessa said...

I would never contest the hotness of the princes. However, why do they talk like valley girls?

"There's not a day goes by I don't think, you know, that I don't think about it once in the day," said William.

Time also hasn't stopped Diana's sons from wondering — like much of the public — whether her death could have been avoided.

"When people think about it, they think about her death. They think about, you know, how wrong it was. They think about, you know, whatever happened," Harry said.

Skeezix said...

Harry, oh you tall redheaded man. Come to me.

When did this weakness for tall, redheaded men start? I'm even finding Shaun White cute in those Amex commericals.

H said...

I FORGOT ALL ABOUT WILLIAM AND HARRY ON DATELINE. Damn it. Anyway, I always thought William was hotter and that Harry looked a little too much like Prince Charles and not enough like his absolutely gorgeous mother. I did see the previews for Dateline and it turns out that Harry was not beaten with the ugly stick as I had previously thought. In fact, he's kind of cute. And William has kind of a large forehead. But they're both attractive and since I am already taken by an extremely attractive man (he's royalty to me...awww) I will leave the Princes William and Harry for you ladies to fight over. Sarah, please invite me to the wedding.

Torrence said...

I just pummeled all the rabbits at my ma's house. I'll book the next flight out there and get things done for you. My dog is also wicked sweet at hunting those little mother-effers down. Granted, she digs holes to get to them, but it's totally worth it in the end.

Johnny Virgil said...

Sarah, just get one One of these.. Or two. They work great on the UPS guy too.

Sassy Blondie said...

Who knew that lil red-headed bastard would be so damn cute? I mean seriously, WHO KNEW? And yes William is still quite hot, but my old "rather be dead than red on the head" mindset is officially no longer my mindset.

Oh, and about the rabbit: Trap it and have it sterilized. That would be the best thing. Then install JV's motion sprinkler.

Anonymous said...

When I learned to stir fry stuff, I ate stir fry for dinner.

I ate it for a solid 7 days in a row, because I COULD MAKE STIR FRY!!!!!

Johnny Virgil said...

you know what makes a good stir fry? Rabbit.

Lindystar said...

No, don't listen to J.V. rabbit is too tough for stir fry. It's better for fajitas or shake and bake. Silly J.V.

OMG!!! You cooked!! YAY for HO-Kay!! I'm glad you've got something down. Congrats darling.

Hey if you like zucchini you can try my FAVE. way to make it. It's easy I SWEAR.

Just grate it up (skin and all) on a cheese grater. Add an egg. Add some chopped onion. Add some dried bread crumbs or craker crumbs. Salt and pepper. Mix that shit all together in one bowl and make thin patties out of it. Like the thickness of a burgerking hamburger. Fry it in a non-stick pan with pam for healthy people or fry it in a little oil or crisco if you want it REALLY good and crispy and wonderfull. Cook it till it's lovley and crispy and light to darker brown on each side. (but still moist on the inside but you know, not raw) You can't really screw it up. Just do it and enjoy.

Good luck!!!

Sarah said...

"You can't really screw it up." Oh, Lindy. If you only knew me. But seriously that sounds amazing. I will be trying it immediately. I LOVE zucchini.

citygirl said...

I didn't watch that Prince's of England interview thingy 'cause I don't care about royals either. But, you're right about Harry, he has grown up nicely and, after starting kinda ugly-duckling-ish, is now way cuter than Will. Oh, yeah, baby.