Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Still 13

So not only did I get tickets to the New Kids yesterday*, but I also found out that ABC Family has a new series starting in July starring MOLLY RINGWALD! It's called "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" or something like that. Molly's the mom. Hello! New favorite show!

By the way can I just say that I love ABC Family. It has just the right amount of cheesiness for a semi-cheesy person like me. Plus "Greek" is awesome.

Also everyone go download Cyndi Lauper's new single "Into the Nightlife". It is awesome, and thank God there isn't a webcam in my house (that I know about) because if there was I'd definitely end up on YouTube in a video called "Chubby 30-something Lady Dances on Her Bed While Wearing a Tiara".

*I LOVE all you ladies who are just as excited for NKOTB as me. Seriously let's go out drinking some time.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? I thought I was the only person over 13 to dance on my bed. Oh, I love that.


I'm British, so it's all about Boyzone right now. By NKOTB are exciting too... I was just never really here the first time around. Bummer.

Shazza said...

Well, if you are a "Chubby 30-something Lady Dances on Her Bed While Wearing a Tiara"...I'm the mid-40's fat woman singing into her hairbrush!

You gotta love Cyndi!

Have fun at NKOTB!

Love your blog btw - you are hilarious!

Crystal said...

all my friends liked joey, but i went for jonathan because since he was old and had gross armpit hair, i thought he would be a little more desperate and therefore, more attainable.

it's all about strategy when bagging a new kid.

Mon said...

i havnt decided if im going to new kids yet. im worried they are gonna sing new songs or something. i dunno.

i love donnie!

Sarah said...

Raz, join in on the New Kids love. We welcome you!

Shazza, yes the hairbrush is another great tool for singing at home in front of the mirror. Also thanks for the compliment. :)

Crystal, Jeezus Christ I think I love you. Seriously.

Mon, have you heard their new song?? It's cute!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap- My cousin and I just got our tickets yesterday to the concert October 10th. Glad I'm not the only one excited...!

Brandi said...

Ooooh... dancing on my bed... I just dance half naked (things a'shakin everywhere) around my house. I'll have to try the bed....

I heart Crystal. I loved Jon(athan) because he was so shy and allusive. And plus everyone like Jordan or Donnie. Poor Danny never got any love...

I had sheets people, sheets. I slept with all of them EVERY night. Don't hate.