Friday, March 12, 2010

License to drive

Don't mind the timing of this post. I've been up on and off all night. I think it's because tonight was a big night in the Okay Seriously household: I bought a car. Holy poop I bought a new car. See, I've been thinking about getting a new car for a year now. It's not that I don't love my current car. I do. And by that I mean that I hate it. It's 9 years old, and has so many problems. Just so so many problems. I have loved it, honestly, but now it's like if I don't get rid of it soon I will punch it in the face. Which I guess is the grill? The dash? I don't know. But I'll punch it.

So I have been looking at a bunch of cars and going on a bunch of test drives, and tonight I finally bit the bullet. I picked out the base model because I don't need anything too fancy, and I wanted to keep it affordable. Then I immediately bought the fanciest model they have. Because I like to make monthly budgeting a challenge. I bought the Toyota Rav4 because I also like going fast. All the time. Without being able to stop.

My mom went with me because I am 33 and cannot buy cars by myself. I had a plan for how to negotiate which completely went out the window when I got there because I was so nervous I thought I would throw up. I did have to get sassy when they low-balled me on the trade in value of my car. And it worked. I just showed him my boobs. No I'm kidding. I'm so above that. (Not really-it's just that my mom was there.)

I don't have the car yet. I should have it within the week. Then I expect my first car accident within about 6 hours after that. I'll post pictures-before and after.

Now...let's talk about what's really important: Corey Haim.

You guys, while not surprised, I am devastated. In my mind, it was only a matter of time until he was back on his feet, and the Coreys would once again rule the movies. But I realize now it was a pipe dream.

So all I can say now is, Corey, I hope you finally have peace. Thank you for bringing me so much joy during my formative years. Especially thank you for "Lost Boys" which is clearly the greatest Corey collaboration in history. Even so, this is how you will live on in my memory:

"No thanks, Dad. I already have a Mercedes."

P.S. By the way I totally just saw Mr. Scheuster from "Glee" as a cop who's also a rapist on "Numb3rs". It was creepy. I was expecting him to sing. Like about rape. There are a lot of top 40 songs about rape. Obviously I am always watching "Numb3rs". Truthfully, you guys know I have insomnia issues. Well, "Numb3rs" is on TNT late at night. And sometimes when I can't sleep I watch it. And listen I'm just going to say it: I freaking love "Numb3rs". They use math to solve crime! Math! God I love math. Also on late at night? "Cold Case". But I mean seriously who likes that show? I DO! They solve cases that are old! Yes please! So...let's just take a minute here. I bought a new car I could never have afforded 10 years ago, one of my childhood heroes died, and I love CBS procedurals on TNT. I just leapt into old age.


Fizzgig said...

i got my current car all by myself. i bought it cus i wanted a cheaper car payment, and a newer car. My car pmt is $2 cheaper, and I got a 3 yr newer car than my old one, but it turned 100,000 shortly after i bought it. but it looks super cute!

yea i dont think ill be going alone again.

congrats on the new ride!

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