Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stupid pictures on my phone

Drew took this picture at Epcot Center because he was obsessed with these viking statue guys.

He sent this to me so I would always have it. The caption was "You love this guy". If by "love" he means "are terrified of" then he is right.

John sent this to me tonight with the caption "What is my mom thinking?"

And seriously what is she thinking? Let me just say this one more time for the record so we're all on the same page: IF YOU ARE NOT USING HEINZ KETCHUP YOU ARE NOT USING REAL KETCHUP. Get this JV crap out of my face. I think the only explanation here is that John's mom hates me.

My friend Special Dark who Johnny Virgil and I have talked about before sent this to me:

The caption on this: "Thought you should know your blog is the only non tech related thread I care about. Miss you!" You have no idea how happy this made me for realz. I miss you, too, SD! Sooo much!

I saw this at the grocery store.

Is this horrible or awesome? I think maybe it's the most awesome thing ever. I like how it says "Keeps you warm and your PAWS free!" like it's marketing directly to dogs. Like a dog is going to read that box and be like, "Hmm...paws free? Intriguing! Could I wear it at a football game?" It literally took all my willpower to not buy one for our little Henry. But then I realized as soon as I put it on him he would tear it off and use it to play fetch with himself (you guys, he totally uses blankets to "throw" his toys and then he fetches them. Cutest. Dog. Ever.).

This was slid under the bathroom door at Heck's Cafe 3 seconds after I had gotten in there to do my business.

I could hear my friends tell the wait staff, who had clearly caught them in the act, "It's okay. We know her." When Steph got in there we sent her notes, too, but they were poopy jokes, and Steph does not appreciate scatological humor. So that made it even funnier. It's possible this was after several rounds of drinks. By the way, the plan was to go for "only a couple drinks" after work. Well maybe you should tell that to Light Bistro that sells me $3 Sex on the Beaches. It's okay, though, because once we got to Heck's for some dinner, I decided to take it easy and when the server asked me what I wanted to drink, I deliberated and made the wise choice: a martini. Damn you, alcohol! Why are you so delicious and fun!?

This picture I had just sitting on my phone. I took it one day when I was making cocktail weenies for a party, and I sent it to John. I know it's childish, but every time I look at it, I giggle like an 11 year old boy.

The swelling of pride my parents must feel when they see things like this is probably almost painful for them.

Another picture I tried to add but couldn't because of some privacy issues were of two checks I gave to John for Girl Scout cookies. In the memo line I wrote the names of the people for whom I was paying. John, of course, added his own touch so that now they look like this:

#1 - Sarah & Ne oral

#2 - Diane backdoor

You stay classy, John!

P.S. The latest episode of "Numb3rs" totally had Bill Nye the Science Guy on it. Tell me that show is not awesome.

P.P.S. I bought the Turbo Snake the other day for some drain issues, and here is my official review: it totally works and it's totally gross. Which, if you really think about it, might mean that I am gross since it's my drains and my clogs.

P.P.P.S. Is Timothy Olyphant just getting hotter or what's the deal there? I always thought he was attractive, but, you know, he never bowled me over with his hotness. Then I saw a preview for his new show, "Justified", and he's all like rugged, tough cowboy manliness and I'm like, "Yes please."


Fizzgig said...

that cocktail weenie, reminds me of my ex ex bf.

and unfortunatly that is not a joke.

one day ill blog about how much women tolerate in men, and what little men tolerate in women.

a man wouldnt date a woman without a face. A face is important. as is, well, you know.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you told me what that last picture was, because my guess was "little car thingy from the game Life."

Anonymous said...

Oh also, there is no other ketchup. Heinz is the only one. Someone got duped.

John said...

Great I didn't know that my ex-girlfriend Fizzgig reads your blog.