Saturday, March 27, 2010

A whole mess of stuff

Well. I guess I asked for it by writing it down that I needed Syracuse to win. No matter. We all win now, since, as promised, I wrote another poem. 2010 Entry #2 into the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Poetry Hall of Fame:

"J'accuse, Syracuse!" by Okay Seriously

This Syracuse poem will be pretty short and sweet
Because as you all know, they just got effing beat.

They were my second chance, my one and only hope.
Then along came Butler, and now this is how I cope.

I'm blaming it on John, though I can't remember why
But I feel very confident it had to do with that guy

I love March Madness and all that it involves
But there are always a few teams I want to punch in the balls.

Syracuse is one of those as they broke my heart.
In my pathetic bracket showing, they played a big part.

Orangemen, thanks so much for ruining my pool
But hey-it's okay. At least your mascot's really cool.

Now go take your rightful place which is over in the loo.
Because goddammit, Syracuse, you are complete poo.

The End

Despite my losses, March Madness continues to be completely awesome. I love you forever, March Madness.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Florida for the week. I don't think I'll have any way of blogging, but if I find a way, I will do it. I'm sure everyone will be chomping at the bit to see my vacation slide show. In the meantime you can follow me on Twitter where I will keep you all updated on my sun allergy condition. By the way, it hasn't escaped me that we're going to Florida during spring break. I'm sure I will have no trouble fitting in with the college kids. I'll just wear a Girls Gone Wild t-shirt and talk about how I heard some guy staying at the Days Inn broke his neck trying to jump from his room's balcony into the hotel pool. This will be easy.

Before I go. Lost on Tuesday? What? Extra quick recap because um, holy eff.

Some things about Richard:
1. He should always go by Ricardos.
2. He is losing his mind.
3. In the 1800s while riding a horse, he looks like he should be on the cover of a romance novel.

Just tell me which guy is the bad guy. I cannot take it anymore.

I should've known Hurley was talking to Richard's dead wife. Okay so according to her, it really is Bizarro Locke who's the baddie. I trust her. She has a pretty accent.

More Fahey!

During the scenes on the boat when they were in the ocean going to the island, I was waiting for Jack Sparrow to show up and save the day.

The officer's reaction to being shipwrecked (i.e., killing all the prisoners) seemed pretty reasonable. Definitely not an overreaction. Sickness maybe?

Oh my God was that pig eating a person?? OHMYGODWASTHATPIGEATINGAPERSON!?

It's official: no one looks cool walking through high brush. No matter how pretty you are, Richard.

The guy who plays Jacob totally plays Lucifer on Supernatural. So I am just all jumbled up here. One thing is clear: if I ever met him, I would turn and run.

Everyone have a great week! Except you, Kansas and Syracuse!


Amity said...

The guy who plays Jacob also played a completely psycho ex-con, wife beater, ex-husband on Dexter. Another reason to run.

The Melanson Crew said...

Ok - so glad you brought this up - I just noticed this week that Jacob is Lucifer on Supernatural - and "Black Smoke" guy is the red horseman on Supernatural ("War" - that came into town in the Red Mustang). Coincidence?

2 evils . . . .

Fizzgig said...

you are an extensive traveler. you should put some roots down.

thats me being jealous i dont go anywere. ever.

I think ricardos wife, is just being used by jacob and the man in black to manipulate people.

but i might change my mind again.

who is really the cork?

John said...

This is why I didn't pick Syracuse and Kansas...... oh wait let me just check my bracket...where is it oh yeah here it is ah man, yeah, fuck me I picked them both

I wrote a poem called Syrakansas.

Dear Syrakansas
Your play reeks of sweaty mans ass

That's all. That's the whole poem.