Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Still have a pulse

So I am still alive. I literally haven't been home before about 10pm at all for the past week. Tonight I had a migraine so bad I fell asleep at 8 and just woke up in my recliner. You know what's a pretty comfortable place to sleep? Not a recliner.

Anyway, my apologies for not being around. I promise a Lost recap for tomorrow, and if I can finish writing up the story of when we went out to dinner last week in a way that's even 10% as funny as it actually was, you will not be sorry.

In the meantime, please enjoy this story about a person who's lazier than even me and also this brief story about Steph:

First, some background: Steph does not wear jeans or pants. Ever. I have seen her in pants maybe 3 times since I've known her. She wears skirts and dresses at all times. A few weeks ago, Steph went to Florida for work. I watched her dog for her. When she got in to town, she called me from the plane to tell me she had landed and that it would take a little time for her to get her stuff together, get off the plane and bundle up because she was in a skirt. She called me from her seat in the back of the plane where she was surrounded by strangers. And said this:

Steph: Hey! So we landed. But it'll be just a little while because I'm in the back of the plane, and I'm not wearing pants.

I completely understood what she meant because Steph wears skirts so I thought nothing of it. However, the people around her? Did not know about Steph's skirts. And heard her tell me she wasn't wearing pants. Immediately I could hear laughing in the background. I still didn't get it. Not until she texted me 2 minutes later and told me that the people around her were laughing, and one guy a few rows up yelled back to his friend who was sitting by her and asked if he wanted to trade seats.



Anonymous said...

I sound Amish. I just like sun dresses in summer and leggings in winter. I was wearing pants when you were over Saturday! But yes, dressing up is kind of my thing (this includes feathers in my hair and alligator pins) and the plane full of Sherwin Williams salesmen that overheard my conversation w you enjoyed it. So there. :)

Anonymous said...

How awesome! I don't wear pants either and people think I am odd. Glad to know others are out there who find dressing up as important as I do. But I am lucky have warm weather 98% of the time.
You Rock Steph, even though I have never met you!

Fizzgig said...

florida. soon the sun will grace us and whats there to be jealous of florida for then? oh yea...


Anonymous said...

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Sy said...

I love out-of-context conversations.

I had one in a local food coop where I replied, "I mean, you're a professional. I would think that you would start sexing them from the other end."

-totally not what you think.

And then there was the day that I was extolling my fondness for our local grocery store, yelling out to my husband in the parking lot, "I love Dick's!"

I embarrass my husband and friends, a lot.