Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Less than 2 weeks to the best day of the year

You guys, I totally have a boy at my house right now. He's laying in my lap and just finished licking my face. He likes it when I scratch his belly. Ah-now you're not sure if I'm talking about a dog or a real man. I'm tricky! Obviously I am talking about the Okay Seriously family dog, Henry. He is amazing and perfect. Let me just remind everyone what we're dealing with here:

Yeah. That's some serious cute right there.

Okay, Clevelanders, it's almost Krusty's time! August 7th at noon. This is literally the greatest party/day ever, and the best part is it's all for a wonderful cause-the Malachi House. The Malachi House provides hospice services to people who have limited or no financial resources. If that doesn't sound like something you want to support, head to the hospital immediately as you are dead inside. They have a MySpace page. I don't really understand MySpace, but you can totally watch videos of the drunken bat races that have taken place there.

The bands featured this year are The Curve and Lt. Dan's New Legs which is an absolutely fantastic name for a band. I actually saw The Curve this past weekend at the Tremont Ale Festival which was basically a party in a park where they gave you as much beer as you wanted for $30. I think the point was to try a bunch of different kinds of beer, but it totally turned into my friend Jen on stage with the band, dirty dancing with a giant Sam Adams cardboard cutout. Anywho, The Curve was fantastic. The girl who does lead vocals has an absolutely killer voice, and they totally play Pat Benetar and Michael Jackson. I'm not familiar with Lt. Dan's New Legs, but this is what's written on their web site: "Lt. Dan’s New Legs (LDNL) is a successful and high profile live hip-hop band that has toured many parts of the world. LDNL delivers the most current music to keep the party moving. Songs are merged so there are no breaks in the set. This creates an environment where it is almost impossible to stop dancing." So bring. it. the. eff. on.

Oh there is one other notable thing about this year's Krusty's: Steph is on the Malachi House board now. How did that happen? Here is exactly how that happened: Steph went to a community meeting for a neighborhood in which she does not technically live. Steph sat next to a woman who's on the board of the Malachi House. Steph left the meeting a Malachi House board member. That is how things work in Steph's world. So now she is actually part of the Krusty's planning process. Also at this same meeting, I'm fairly sure she was recruited by a local councilman to be a part of his campaign for when he runs for mayor in the future. Also...she got to talk to Karl, our Segway tour guide. Maybe I should start going to community meetings. Hahaha-that's a good one.

So...Clevelanders...go get your tickets. Let's do this. Still not sure? Read my recaps of Krusty's past. Understand the beautiful madness. 2009. 2008. 2007. 2006.

Tomorrow's post? Sharda's bachelorette party recap. A quick preview: We drank wine-lots of it. I was sick. Cab driver thinks I'm a lesbian. Romper. Spanx.

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