Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Being bitchy about celebrities

People I've grown tired of:

1. Scarlett Johansson - I don't get her. What's the appeal? I mean besides the terrible two she carries around in her shirt. She's a terrible actress. She has a man voice that apparently is completely incapable of any inflection. And honestly I just want to flick her in her pointy face.

2. Colin Farrell - I used to be on the Colin Farrell bandwagon. I admit it. But now I've grown weary with all his various abuses-substance and hygiene being the two most prominent. Seriously, Colin, when's the last time you brushed your hair or took a shower? Probably not since the last time you were in a good movie which was....yeah never.

3. Jamie Foxx - Just...get out of my face, Jamie. Just for 5 minutes. Please. I'm sure you're really nice, you know, when you're not singing about how awesome you are, but please-I just need 5 minutes away from you.

Sorry to be pissy tonight. I'm so tired, and Jamie Foxx seriously won't get out of my face.


Scott said...

I share your issue with Jamie Foxxx. What is the deal. I think I'll go watch a Sci Fi movie [poof] JAMIE FOXX! No maybe a more serious movie - about Ray Charles' life [poof!}. Okay - forget that lets fire up some MTV. Ahhhh Kenyahaheh West finally a little Foxx free time [poof!] There he is again! Okay - over to the networks. [POOF] A freaking 1 hour special!

Tigerlily said...

this ain't nothing a little ass-kickin can't solve.

Colin EFF-el makes me want to wretch.
Jamie Foxx-Way too famous for whatever reason.

slcup said...

Colin is one of the guys that you'd have to play the quiet game with...shh, shh, no talking.

Jamie Foxx was only funny on "In Living Color" as Wanda.

Scarlett, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Go the hell away.

Oh, that girl. said...

Me too on slc's view of scarlette. very well put.

Diane said...

We must be related or something because I was just saying how much I'm sick of Jaime Foxx. I think that he seriously thinks that he is Ray Charles, and that it creepy. Go away.

Scarlett= boring.

Colin= hot but dirty and makes crappy movies (ie: Alexander).

citygirl said...

I completely understand. I don't see ANYTHING special about Keira Knightly, and she just got an Oscar nomination! WHAT IS WITH THAT?!?!

Golightly said...

Yes--the Ray Charles thing is old. he does need to go away STAT!
and did you see how NBC gave him his own musical special---blech!

Diane Mandy said...

Amen on all three accounts, but especially with Colin! Hearing or seeing him is almost as bad as hearing about Brad and Angerlina at this point.

danielle said...

you're just jealous that jamie foxx is like so unpredictable.

Reverend Michael Joseph Schmidt said...

Hi Sarah,
I wish I could be a bit more interestd in any of these awful people. I do appreciate Scarlett's double feature. Funny though, I didn't really realize she spoke...hmmm.
Even men of some sort of assorted god and or gods fall under the spell of boobies. I think that is a funny word.
Yes I seem to be 13 years old.

John said...

somebody better shut their damn mouth about Keira Knightly