Friday, January 27, 2006

Moving my desk

This week I had to change desks and move all of 10 feet to the cube next to me. What is the point, you ask? I have no effing idea, but I am 10 feet closer to the window, and now no one can sneak up behind me and see that I am reading blogs and/or playing Sudoku online. Here is a list of things I found. And moved with me:

- Calendars from 2002-present
- Bahamian quarter
- Christmas garland (it lines my cubicle all year long)
- Buzz Lightyear figurine
- Homer Simpson figurine
- Care Bear
- Stuffed dinosaur
- Gyroscope
- Box of crayons
- Slinky
- Picture of me and my friends totally hammered and wearing bandanas at a Bon Jovi concert
- Giant plastic magic wand that makes a shimmery, princessy, completely obnoxious noise when you press the button on it
- Magic 8 ball
- 2 cans of Play-doh
- 26 packets of ketchup
- Sock puppet
- Plastic piggy bank with a note on it soliciting money from my co-workers

Why do they continue to let me work here?


slcup said...

Crayons? Playdough? Slinky? I'm thinking we were separated at birth. I don't have a Care Bear, but I do have a stuffed My Little Pony.

Gordon said...

Yeah, that makes my red stapler and St. Louis Cardinals mini batting helmet look lame....amazing.

citygirl said...

Obviously they let you work there because every office needs a joker. Be so very proud.

danielle said...

you're a joker like dan g. be VERY proud. and go kill a man while doing trick airplane flying.

Anonymous said...

and you all (meaning those of you who know me) make fun of me for Batman posters, puppets, and bean bags...and I work with kids for crying out loud...sarah, your desk sounds like the toy aisle at the Dollar Tree

Oh, that girl. said...

I often wonder the same thing, and for many of the same reasons. Good for you. If I ever open up my Kennel/Tanning salon/Strip club, I am hiring you for sure.

miriam said...

Nobody can possibly do a day's work without a slinky. Crayons are good, too, but slinky is essential.

ALoyd said...

Sarah, Can you blog about what you thought of Last night's Grey's??? All I can say was I was very shocked.... AL