Monday, October 29, 2007

If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends

Well I'll tell you what I want-what I really really want. I want to never ever see the movie "Dead Alive" again as long as I live.

We went to a Halloween party at Suz and AJ's house on Saturday. Suz and AJ love Halloween and always have the best costumes. This year they were husband and wife knife throwers. Really bad ones. They had apples on their heads and knives sticking out of their stomachs and chests. Bloody but so clever and funny.

Sharda, Meg, Diane, Steph and I went as the Spice Girls. I was Posh, Meg was Baby, Steph was Ginger, Sharda was Sporty and Diane was Scary in a big afro wig that made me laugh uncontrollably every time I looked at her. Sharda had on a sports bra and an open zip up sweatshirt. Who in the hell is secure enough to go to a party in just a sports bra? Someone with a sickeningly flat stomach that's who. What the hell, Sharda. Why are you not constantly showing off your stomach? Bitch.

Suz and AJ had games for us to play. Costume contests for best individual and best group costumes* (Spice Girls came in second), guess the number of M&Ms in the jar and a horror movie trivia game. Guess who won the horror movie trivia game? That would be me-the one person who refuses to watch them. Here's the deal-and I think I've confessed this to you before-I'm a freak. When I am scared of something I read about it. A lot. I know a ridiculous amount of facts about sharks. You would think I was actually interested in them, but really I just need to know that it is possible for a dolphin to kill a shark. I sleep better that way.

So I research what I'm scared of like crazy because I figure that the more information I have about it, the less chance it can hurt me. I know it makes no sense when it applies to movies, but I can't help it. That's how my brain works. But because of this insane detail about me, I know a lot about a lot of horror movies which in turn won me a bottle of wine so how crazy am I really? Still pretty crazy.

We also played beer pong and ping pong in the basement, and here's something maybe you don't know about me: I am awesome at ping pong. Except not when AJ is making me watch "Dead Alive" at the same time-one of the only movies I haven't researched. Let me say this about it: Seriously. That is one weirdo effed up movie. Oh also I'm not as good at ping pong when I am drunk and wearing 100 inch heels. Just FYI.

What'd you guys do this weekend?

P.S. An aside to AG: was your long haired New Jersey boyfriend's last name Bon Jovi by any chance?

*Our friend Tom voted for Sharda's sports bra for best individual costume.


Torrence said...

Why am I not friends with you in real life? Huh? Can you tell me, b/c if I didn't know any better I'd say you were "with me the whole time" like in The Neverending Story, just mimicing my life.

Did I even spell mimicing right? SHould there be a K in there?

Skeezix said...

Did you somehow make your breasts look like bolt ons just like Posh. Seriously, her breasts give me nightmares.

Sassy Blondie said...

Seriously, Sarah, I have an irrational shark fear myself. Yet I watch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel EVERY year. I'm with ...the more you know.

I cannot, however, jive with the wussiness that is being afraid of scary movies. That's the whole point of seeing them: to scare yourself! I LOVE THEM! (even though they do give me nightmares and I end up sleeping with my gun under my pillow)

Who won best group costume? What's better than the Spice Girls?

CruiserMel said...

Free bottle of wine = crazy like a fox. Nicely played.

Mon said...

I partied with the youngin's at OSU hollaaaaaaa! Oh, to be young again. I'm still feelin it.

I suck at beer pong. Unless I'm drunk.

its good to know all there is to know about what you fear most. i think its a smart move

Sassy Blondie said...

I prefer the old school "3 Man" game, if I'm going to play with my alcohol..

Tracy Kaply said...

Dude, I do the same thing with the researching. We should team up for a What Do YOU Know About Fear? Trivia contest. We would totally kill.

I've been reading you for awhile but just lurking. Honest. I'm just intimidated by the word verification. It always screws with me.